Modern Salon Magazine Honors “Best Culture” to Evergreen Beauty College

Local Pacific Northwest family owned business – Evergreen Beauty College located in Everett, Bellevue and now open in Renton was recognized as a finalist as one of the top beauty colleges in North America by Modern Salon Magazine for “Best School Culture”. They are in the final 3 beauty colleges in the multi-unit (multiple location beauty school) division.

OCT. 17, 2012, LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—MODERN SALON Media Editorial Director Michele Musgrove today announced the 2012 “Excellence in Education” honorees in its annual program recognizing leadership and best practices among cosmetology schools.

Hundreds of entries were submitted from cosmetology schools from across North America and fifty four different schools were honored across eight categories – ranging from marketing to use of technology to school culture. Each category was broken into four classes – based on school size and whether it entered as an independent school or part of a larger group.

MODERN SALON Publisher Steve Reiss will announce the top honorees during a special presentation on Sunday, October 28th at the AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools) annual convention in Orlando.

“These are so many schools doing amazing things, preparing their students for a vibrant future in the professional beauty industry, supporting their communities and taking full advantage of technological opportunities. We are thrilled to be able to highlight and share some of these best practices” said MODERN SALON Media Editorial Director Michele Musgrove. “We look forward to providing examples and inspiration through their stories and accomplishments through our magazine, website, e-letter and social media platforms.”

The honorees are …


Multi-Unit School, complete organization:
• Paul Mitchell Schools, Sandy, UT
• Empire Education Group, Pottsville, PA
• Evergreen Beauty College, Everett, WA

Recognizing excellence and sharing stories of innovation, inspiration and collaboration from every stage of the professional beauty industry life cycle is an important part of MODERN SALON Media’s ongoing mission.

“Through Excellence in Education, all types of cosmetology schools—small, large and multi-unit—are represented,” Musgrove explains. “We hope the professional salon industry will join us in celebrating them, and that these schools will use this honor to celebrate themselves.

Below is a summary description of Evergreen Beauty College’s culture:

All of Evergreen’s programs lead to one goal – Career Focused Education that will make Evergreen’s students more hire able and financially responsible.

  • Events – Every month Evergreen Beauty College host events giving back to Evergreen’s local community. This provides opportunities to get more hands on practice to be salon/spa ready, leadership and business planning opportunities and the values to give back to their community:
    • Call list of organization and local groups
    • Finding sponsorships
    • Reflection huddles after event – recaps and planning for next event

Creating business people is Evergreen’s culture. Please see the 3 minute video Evergreen Beauty College have created to show Evergreen’s culture:

  • Facebook Culture – Look here to see what Evergreen’s culture is all about. Evergreen Beauty College have over 70 photo albums, 2000 wall post a month, students sharing Evergreen’s daily culture on facebook. Evergreen Beauty College have grown Evergreen’s “Like count” from 700 to over 1800 fans this last year without any paid advertising and all organic from the interactions. Evergreen Beauty College even have one of Evergreen’s guest give their gratuity by paying for a students’ tuition because of the care Evergreen’s students bring to Evergreen’s guest. See the post: This forces Evergreen’s students to always look for positive things.

Loan repayments programs – One of the most difficult problems with paying back loans is setting up an account and getting in the habit of paying. Evergreen Beauty College provide counseling and education classes about their financial responsibility, a counselor devoted to helping students with their loans to begin putting money aside, pay loans, to get in the habit and reduce their loan amounts.

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