Can You Go to Beauty School Without a GED?


There are many creative people in the world who don’t really care about William Shakespeare or what the cosine of pi is. It hardly seems fair but, in most cases, these talented and creative people find themselves shut out of a field they really want to make their life’s work. Just because someone is not interested in learning how to conjugate a sentence doesn’t mean that they should be denied the opportunity to make a living as a cosmetologist. Therefore, a GED for beauty school may come in handy.

GED for Beauty School

In most states, and for most beauty schools, a high school diploma or its equivalent is required in order to gain admission. The good news for many applicants is that caveat about the equivalent of a high school diploma. Because there are many students who didn’t graduate from high school for one reason or another, the GED tests were invented.

What is a GED?

The official term is General Educational Development tests, but over time, common usage has made GED stand for General Equivalency Degree, or General Equivalency Diploma. No matter what it is called, people who did not receive a high school diploma can take the five simple tests and receive the GED certificate that allows them to gain admission to beauty school under the equivalency requirement.

Gaining Entrance to a Beauty School Without a GED

Even without a GED for beauty school, there are other avenues to gain admission. Many schools are willing to enroll students without a GED on a provisional basis so long as the student is working towards completion of their GED. Of course, with these schools, not completing the GED for beauty school means no diploma from beauty school either, so students need to make sure they are committed to achieving these twin educational goals.

Because some community colleges and trade schools accept government-provided financial aid packages, they are required to make sure that the students they enroll have some likelihood of actually being able to learn the skill the government is paying them to learn. While this sounds ominous, it is actually very good news to many students who would otherwise be shut out of the educational opportunities they want.

GED for Beauty School and a Beautician’s License

As a general recommendation, the high school diploma or GED pathways are preferred because some states allow schools to teach without these prerequisites, but they still insist upon them before they will issue a beautician’s license to the graduate. For those who want to get started on the Ability to Benefit track, they should probably make plans to get their GED. The important thing is to start moving forward.

Interested in attending beauty school? Contact us to find out more about our admissions requirements!

Evergreen offers financial aid to those that qualify.
Update: Ability to Benefit tests used to be available for students and are no longer available for nationally accredited schools like Evergreen.

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jovanda dobson
jovanda dobson

So what’s the schools name where do I find the school that let go to school for hair in also go for there ged


HI Jovanda! Beauty schools do not provide GED courses as the are approved to teach beauty classes. Therefore, you will need to contact your local community college, take the GED classes and from there you will be able to apply for beauty school. The ATB testing used to be an option, but recently that has been changed by the Department of Education and no longer an accepted form at Nationally Accredited schools such as ours. I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to call us and speak with an Admissions Counselor!


Could I attend Cosmetology classes while i’m still attending GED classes?

Frank - Beauty College Ambassador

I really depends on the school. Many schools will require that you have prior to entering, but there are schools that have a little more flexibility. I would call and check with the schools in your area.

Frank meraz jr
Frank meraz jr

I don’t have high school diploma or ged can anyone help me find a school for barbare school

Frank - Beauty College Ambassador

Frank, have you just started to google barber schools? There are some great ones out there.