Learn How to Make Up an Onion Face Mask

May 31 2013

If you follow the latest tips about beauty and makeup, onion may be the last thing you would consider applying to your skin. But acne sufferers from all over the world swear that a homemade onion face mask can help. The facial masks that you purchase from the stores are great but they are crammed with chemicals.

Some of the acne treatments that are sold in the drugstores cost a fortune. So why not make your own natural onion face mask from a few simple ingredients.

What do I need to make up an onion face mask?

  • One quarter of a large onion — peeled and chopped
  • A few sprigs of parsley
  • A spoonful of honey
  • A little distilled water
  • A spoonful of Kaolin clay

How do I mix these ingredients to make up an onion facial mask?

  • Put the chopped onion, parsley sprigs, honey and distilled water into the blender jug
  • Pulse the ingredients until they come together to form a paste
  • Put the blended ingredients into a pot and place it into the refrigerator to chill overnight
  • The kaolin clay is then added to the chilled paste just before you apply the face mask

So why is this onion mask so good for people who suffer from acne breakouts?

  • Onions are rich in sulphur and this helps to combat acne.

onion mask

Is there any reason why this onion mask can’t be used as soon as it is made?

Yes. The paste should be chilled to dull the fumes given off by the onion. Apply the blend immediately and it will sting your eyes.

  • Take the chilled paste out of the fridge; mix in the Kaolin clay and it is ready to apply. The onion facial mask is really good for oily or combination skin that has blemishes.
  • Apply the mask as you would any other (avoid the area around the eyes) and leave the paste on your skin for twenty minutes.
  • After the 20 minutes is up massage the paste into your skin. The massage process exfoliates the skin.
  • Use warm water to rinse the mask off.

Makeup onion face masks to use regularly and you could notice that your acne scars become less visible. Onions have great anti-microbial properties and this natural facial mask is cheap to make. If you have been looking for good acne remedies or acne removal treatments then this is worth trying.

If you enjoy creating natural face masks and you would like to further your interest why not contact the Evergreen Beauty College? The institution is accredited and there are many interesting courses on the agenda. If you are interested learning how to makeup onion face masks then contact us for further details.


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Charu Artist Bangalore
Charu Artist Bangalore

Thanks a lot for good tips on making onion face pack. It really works good for acne problems.


i don’t know about this clearly you are telling when using onion the skin should be soft. Instead of that for face you can apply the carrot and cucumber.

Acabar espinhas

Really interesting article, I had no idea that this was possible, definitely going to try this to exfoliate my skin and then maybe goingo to write an article about with my review. Thanks a lot for this idea.