Do I Need a Cosmetology License to Open a Salon?

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurial minds to have preference over owning their own business, rather than working as an employee. For one thing, there are limitless income generating possibilities with business ownership, and in the case of a salon, the rewards can be phenomenal.

Is a Cosmetology License Necessary to Open a Salon?

Unfortunately, you must have a cosmetology license if you want to open and run a salon. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, however, you must complete a set number of hours in the cosmetology school. Once you open your salon, and need to hire extra people to help you out, only hire licensed individuals.

Tips on How to Run a Beauty Salon

You will require an investment of thousands of dollars to furnish a salon and stock it with supplies, so be prepared for that. A permit to operate the business will be necessary, as stipulated by state law. In the case of a beauty salon, permits are typically affordable and quickly issued. It is, however, a small business that will require it to be established as such. This requires filing articles of incorporation or organization.

Once established, secure a federal tax identification number, registering the company with the Federal government. This is how your business will be legal and able to pay a fair share of income tax.

What Else is Required to Open a Salon?

A salon, before it is allowed to open its doors to the public, will have to pass an inspections, with regards to safety and sanitation. Some aspects of the inspection include electrical safety and fire codes.

Moreover, proof of licensed hair stylists will need to be provided. While you may be only an investor, you will have to provide certification or licensing of all the employees that will carry out services to the clientele. Such employees include hair stylists, manicurists, estheticians, and masseurs.

Is it Beneficial to Have a Cosmetology License to Open a Salon?

Any investor should be well versed in his/her field in order to succeed. Being a licensed hair stylist or cosmetologist would by far be in your benefit. This way, you could also earn a greater income through providing your own services, or help out during peak seasons.

In short, if you want to open a salon business, you’ll need a cosmetology license. After all, you’ll be required to offer the services at some point, and you can’t do that if you do not have a license.

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