The Best Sites for Professional Beauty Product Reviews 

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If you are looking for the best beauty reviews but don’t know how to find them, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of ten sites, which are leaders and independent in their reviews.

These are not just specialist professional product reviews. They are also sections of larger organizations that have a professional product reviews section,so you get the best beauty advice.

Total Beauty

This site is very easy to navigate and has the best unbiased reviews out there. You can search for a particular product to get the site review and customer feedback. They have a huge range of products reviewed in this way. They also have some very high quality and up to date articles on beauty matters, which are new every day.

Professional Beauty Product Reviews


Allure has reviews done by their various beauty bloggers who provide up to date beauty advice as well as product reviews. Their writing style is engaging and interesting, so it’s easy to spend the time to get the product that is right for you.

The Dermatology Review

While focusing specifically on skin care products, The Dermatology Review is one of the best sites for professional product reviews. This is because of the scientific nature of their investigation and review.

They take a practical approach when addressing many of the claims of beauty product retailers. You can determine whether a product is actually effective or just cleverly marketed.

Skin Deep

Now with a mobile app and over 69,000 product reviews, Skin Deep has an easy to navigate website. The hierarchy of the site is such that they can be specific without being confusing.

Say you’re looking for scar treatment product review. You simply go to the skin care section, then treatment and scar treatment is on the list.

Red Online

These guys have a lot of topical articles and are concerned with beauty trends and new fashion ideas. They also have a large section of their website dedicated to professional product reviews.

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice has one of the largest databases for professional product reviews with over 45,000 expert appraisals. They also have a list of the best products in each different category.

makeup alley website

Makeup Alley

The layout of this site is slightly different. It allows people to search reviews based on their skin/hair/eye type. The effect of one moisturizing bronzer on someone with dry, fair skin will be very different to someone with oily, olive skin. This website can direct you to reviews that are pertinent to your situation.

Good Housekeeping

This is a great site for everything around the home, and it also has a useful beauty section. You can see the best products in each category and they even have test results to back up the information they are giving you.


Temptalia is a great website for not only product reviews, but also product comparisons. They have a great “dupes” section, which shows you how you can save money and get similar or better results.


There is a huge database of information on products at Dermstore and they take a very scientific approach to their work. You can search for a product, or browse through brands and categories to find the review you are looking for.

All these sites are great to get the best advice and reviews of your everyday beauty products. Check them out to ensure you are only getting the best.

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