Our Favorite Beauty Influencers In Seattle

We’re always looking for more beauty inspiration at Evergreen Beauty College, and luckily Instagram has plenty to offer! There are tons of beauty influencers in the Seattle, Washington area who inspire us and bless our feeds daily. Here are the top five we wanted to share with you to give you the creative inspiration you need!


Rebecca is one of our top beauty bloggers in Seattle because of her artist’s approach to life! Her makeup palette and her life are both full of color and fun. And we’re obsessed with her creative and unique eyeshadow looks. Not to mention, her floral artwork is absolutely jaw-dropping.




Next on our list of favorites is the beautiful Carolyn! Her “Style”, “Beauty”, and “Hair” Instagram highlights give us all the inspo you could ever need. She stays busy teaching 9th grade English and 12th grade AP Literature while still managing to be the perfect beauty blogger!




How could you not love Rebecca the moment after seeing her feed? She makes us want to go out and buy her whole wardrobe right now. She’s got the most creative and fun Instagram feed, plus her hair and makeup are always so simple and chic!




If we could all have Gaby’s Instagram feed, we’d be set for life with the perfect beauty inspiration. She doesn’t hold back from sharing her favorite makeup and skincare advice either! We can’t get enough of her posts on our feed!




We’re a little obsessed with Taylor’s feed…okay, we’re A LOT obsessed! We love everything she posts, from her makeup and fashion photos to her lifestyle pictures and stunning selfies! Also, on a more relatable note, she calls herself a burrito connoisseur! That’s something we can always get down with.


Do You Need Even More Creative Inspiration?

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If you’re ready to start in the world of beauty yourself, check out our cosmetology and esthetics programs! We’re enrolling now so get started towards your path of beauty today! We have locations everywhere in the Seattle Washington area. Our schools are located in Shoreline in North Seattle, Mount Vernon, Everett, Renton, and Yakima!

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