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5 Must-Haves for Your Daily Skincare Routine

If you’re working toward getting glowing, smooth skin, it’s important to create a daily skin routine that’s made for your face and skin type. Your skin type can help you determine which products your skin needs the most, but that doesn’t mean you should skip any steps. Here are a few skincare products you should make sure are part of your skincare routine, regardless of your skin type.

    woman applying facial cleanser

  1. Cleanser: The first step to any skincare routine is the cleanser. A good cleanser can clear your pores of dirt and grime and prevent breakouts. Regardless of which product you use, make sure to massage on the face gently. If you scrub your face too hard, you risk breaking through your skin’s natural moisture barrier and causing skin irritation and damage. Choose a cleanser right for your skin type. Pick something more gentle for dry or sensitive skin and something more abrasive if you have an oily skin type.
  2. Exfoliator: While you don’t need to use a harsh exfoliator every day, a good exfoliator can remove the layer of dead cells from your skin and leave your face feeling fresh and soft. It can also clear pores and prevent breakouts. There are multiple kinds of exfoliators, so it’s crucial you choose the correct one for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you’ll want something to cut through the oil and leave your face clean. If your skin is dry, opt for something more gentle.
  3. woman applying facial moisturizer

  4. Moisturizer: If you’re someone who struggles with dry skin, a moisturizer is crucial for your daily routine. Choose one with antioxidants and ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, petrolatum, salicylic acid. Even if some of these ingredients are labelled as acids, they are proven to moisturize the skin. If you have oily skin, choose a lighter moisturizer that’s oil-free to keep some of the oil away while still keeping your face fresh.
  5. Sunscreen: If you’re planning on being out in the sun for most of the day, sunscreen is a must! Believe it or not, it is easy to wear both sunscreen and makeup to achieve a beautiful look that protects your skin from the sun. Apply sunscreen after moisturizing but before putting on your foundation. To make sure your foundation sticks properly, allow the sunscreen to dry completely before putting on more makeup.
  6. woman removing makeup from eyes

  7. Makeup Remover: Sleeping with makeup can cause dry skin, breakouts, eye infections, and more. If you’ve applied makeup, make sure to remove it before you go to bed with a makeup remover or light cleanser so your skin will love you in the morning.

If you want to learn how to best care for your skin, check out our esthetics program! You can learn different ways to care for your skin and what products work best for each skin type. If you’re someone who’s passionate about skincare, becoming an esthetician may be the career for you!

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