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The following is the 2020 Painted Picture. Painting a picture brings the future into the present to enhance the clarity of what we are building now. It is a detailed overview of what our business will look like, feel like and act like three years from now – June 2020. Sharing our vision with others helps it become a reality! Possibilities are boundless when we join together. Remember, it is simple and clear why this organization exist and why we do what they do: to build our lives through building the lives of our students. Let your imagination create our future.

(Our 2020 Painted Picture comes from the eyes of a prospective student)

Click. I did it. I submitted my request for more information from Evergreen Beauty College along with some other schools. I just wonder, though, whether investing in my future and sacrificing the time away from my friends & family, will it be worth it?

My phone vibrates. I got a message from Evergreen Beauty College.  A counselor just sent me a message about the school and wants to talk. I’m excited. I like the way they communicate with me. I’m intrigued but my fears get the best of me so I don’t take the call. I see and hear the news about students who go to school and don’t get a job, so I am always wondering. It’s great that Evergreen sent a guide and storyboard to me and it walks me through everything I will experience in school: from orientation all the way through starting my first job; it’s comforting.  There’s so much there!

I’m excited as I head home. Along the way I check the online reviews on my phone. They have over 1,000 Google Reviews among their campuses! This reassures me that this is a good place to learn. There were also some bad reviews, but they all have responses from the staff and owners to try to make things right.

Ring, Ring…OMG, it’s Evergreen Beauty College calling me, again. It must be a sign. I’m going to take it.

Wow! What an incredible phone call! I’m so glad the admissions counselor reached out to me. She was so sweet on the phone and really understood that I was scared to call. We connected right away.  She scheduled a special Career Planning Session to come in and look at the school… just for me!

As I arrive at the newest campus, I see the Guest Coordinator with such a big smile. What a relief! She was already expecting me. They made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. The school feels fresh and impeccably clean. The energy is amazing: I see students busy with clients in every chair smiling, laughing, learning, and enjoying their service. The hospitality from the Guest Coordinators and faculty match the reviews. I even saw one of the students walk their guest all the way outside to their car. You would never see that at a salon or spa.

As I look around the school walls, I see examples of fashion shows, community service events, and even photo shoots. I loved seeing the images of what I’m going to do! I want to be a part of this.

My Career Planning Session was incredible! I was so worried about this investment that it was a daunting task. But after looking at the options my financial aid counselor provided, I don’t feel I must take on as much risk. I was surprised at how many different options there were to afford school, or options for which program to take first.   They even have a layering program to help approach education in a more bite-sized manner.

The Future Professionals (a.k.a. The Students)

During my tour, I also met the students. My counselor showed me how many of them are just like me. They, too, were worried about bringing in models, perfecting their craft, and building their clientele. I see senior students visiting the back classroom, sharing tips and stories with their newer classmates. Students were touring and mentoring one another. It feels like little communities inside this college. One of the students showed me her grades and attendance on her phone since the school is fully digital. “The educators really pushed me,” she said proudly.  The tour connected the dots about how the skills learned today can be turned around and help me make money in less than 6 months from when I graduate.

The Clients

I also met the clients. The diverse clientele appeared to be regulars and they are part of the learning process, too. I saw them engaged in helping students learn… and they love it!  Some students took pictures of the clients to include as part of their digital portfolios… like a before and after headshot. The clients also leave online reviews and testimonials for their students from their phone. During the tour, I heard feedback being discussed between the clients, educators, and students very openly and respectfully.

The Educational Faculty

On the tour, the Admissions Counselor introduced me to a Principal Educator.  The counselor started by sharing what she loved about her. I asked the Principal Educator, “Tell me what is it that keeps you at Evergreen?” She responded,

“I feel like I’m a better person because I am here. Our leadership team focuses on the person in front of them. Even though they are busy, I feel they set aside the other things they need to do. They make each employee feel like they are the most important person in the world in that very moment. I have 1:1’s with my director, and she mentors me in my career and my personal life. I’ve grown in my decision-making ability for both my professional career and private life.

“They allow us to ‘Trust Your Gut’ because the people closest to the problem are typically the best to solve it. Therefore, if we have a sense of what to do, we can take the risk to solve the problem. Of course, if we fail, we are also first to take responsibility to make things right. We get better every time we debrief, which allows us to ‘Trust Your Gut’. It just means that our gut is getting better each time.

“Admittedly, it does get chaotic here.  ‘Controlled Chaos’ is what I like to call it. The team members are open with one another. Even though we passionately debate important issues, we commit to clear decisions in the end as a team. We call each other out when our behaviors or performance needs correction. As a group, we do a good job in reminding each other of the big picture. At any given moment, we can articulate our top priorities and we understand how each of us contributes to achieving that priority as a team. I sleep better at night knowing that my fellow staff think like I do, since our communication is so strong. I’m so glad to be giving my best years of my life to this company and these people!”

Running into the Alumni

The next day, I shared with my hairdresser about my tour. She shared back with me, “I went to Evergreen Beauty College too! Even after graduating and getting my license, I still feel like a student there, especially when I can watch and learn through their class livestreams. There is something special about the way the Educators teach… it stands out. They really bring the lessons to life; they connect to the purpose; and it’s really memorable. Not only did they teach me technical skills, but the discipline really helped me be a better version of myself: financially, academically, and socially. Regardless of everything going on around me, I’m really proud to be an alumnus and in this industry and going to their events! By the way, I’m student-debt free now, too.

“It’s awesome they still have things going for alumni that excite me. Perhaps one day I could be one the educators teaching there. They are rated as one of the best places to work, after all. One thing for sure, I never felt I was alone during school. In fact, our new esthetician graduated from there, too.”

On my way out, I see a gift basket delivered to the new esthetician next to my stylist. It’s from Evergreen Beauty College’s owners! Wow! A school that finds their graduates and celebrates their victories with them!

My Decision

I realize I am surrounded by the type of people I want to become. The Evergreen Beauty College network is strong from job prospects in the region and influential on the national level. In this moment, I am exactly where God wants me to be.

The faculty have an enduring career here, too. After all, the faculty enjoys their total compensation package and they are student loan debt free. It seems like they solve things for the good of the long-term and that is good for me.

That’s it. I have made my decision to go to Evergreen Beauty College because I feel there is a community here that is evolving and I can evolve with them. They represent 50% of the instructor trainees in Washington which must mean when it comes to education for the future, this is where I need to be.  They have industry acclaimed educators who are recognized thought leaders through their blogs and contributions to textbooks. Many of them have multiple licenses. They have found a way to make education easier and fit better for the new generation of students like myself.  I will now call them to take the next step.  It’s amazing how when I call I always manage to reach someone – I never have to leave a voicemail. Oh wait, I don’t even have to do that. I’m going to register and submit everything online.

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