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Where Makeup Artistry Can Take You

Aug 17 2015

When you think of the word “makeup,” do you think about the endless, transformative possibilities it offers? Do you dream of giving people makeovers? Better yet, have you ever given someone a makeover?

If that’s the case, becoming a makeup artist is the career for you.

How Barbering Students are Becoming Their Own Bosses

Aug 13 2015

Does the idea of becoming a barber appeal to you? Barbers use shears, scissors, razors and clippers to cut men’s and women’s hair. There are a number of advantages to entering this profession. One of the things we frequently hear from our students is that they’re excited to become their own bosses.

Why Nail Technicians Can Work Anywhere

Aug 06 2015

Does the phrase “nail art” inspire you to crack open a bottle of lacquer and paint dazzling designs on your (or someone else’s) fingers and toes? A career as a nail technician is the right choice for you. You might be thinking, “Yes, I’d love to paint nails professionally.