Diary of an Esthetics Student – Part 3

Summer is here and another month at school behind us! This past month started out exciting with our “Avant Garde” competition; a makeup contest inspired by the Hunger Games movies. Everyone was challenged to, in teams, put together an over the top makeup and hair combo to look like someone from the “sector E”(evergreen) or […]

Diary of an Esthetics Student – Part 2

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Wow, six weeks into Esthetics school and so much has happened! The first thing that stands out when reflecting over the past few weeks is facials, facials and more facials! A facial is so much more then what I would have described it as before starting school. I used to think getting a facial was […]

Diary of an Esthetics Student

I blinked and the first month of school is already ending! I had no idea just a few months ago that I would be working towards my license in esthetics here at Evergreen. A few months ago, I honestly didn’t even know what esthetics was. I’ve always had a flair for makeup and anything creative, […]