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Job Openings & Postings in the Beauty Industry

Evergreen Beauty College has created a new online tool for their students, alumni and local salons/spas/barbershops & medical physician offices.
Are you a current student or graduate looking for a job?
I was tired of our students and recent graduates trying to find unrelated jobs on random websites or signing up for mailers?

The 55 Best Mustaches in History

With Movember now over we thought we would take a look at some of the most famous mustaches of all time. Some are handsome and well styled, while others are somewhat over-the-top! Learn about the top mustaches of all time then tell us which ones you like the most.


No More Excuses! Evergreen Students Overcome Obstacles to Fulfill Their Dreams of Going to Beauty School

Have you ever found yourself contemplating whether or not you should go back to school? You start the process, take that first step, and then talk yourself out of it? Either you can’t find childcare, or your parents don’t support your decision. Or financially it’s just not the right time.