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Be Evergreen

Hair Design Student Success Story: Gwenyth Landes

“My advice to students starting their beauty school journey is, to be open to the different opportunities offered to you! It’s wonderful to have a clear idea of what you want but trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to surprising avenues you might not expect. You might find that editorial is what excites you, or color corrections are your gift, or perhaps you find a niche working with children, etc. You don’t always know until you try, and Evergreen does a great job of giving their students the chance to explore lots of options, so take those opportunities while you can…”

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Katelyn Morgan

“I have always had a passion for hair and makeup since I was a young girl.  Not only do I love exploring my own creativity with hair and makeup, but I really have a passion for listening to people and helping them become their best selves – I realized it was time to put myself first and find something that I was going to enjoy doing for the rest of my life…”

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Amber Ahyakak-Yazzie

“Before I enrolled in school I was a stay at home mom, who had a passion for makeup. This passion turned into me originally enrolling into the MUA program with Evergreen Beauty College. When the start date got pushed back for that particular program, I reached out to my Admissions Counselor to see if there were any other programs that had makeup incorporated in the curriculum. That’s when I got introduced to Cosmetology…”

What it Looks Like to “Be Evergreen”

It’s no surprise that Evergreen Beauty College is committed to making sure that our students are learning skills that can benefit them for a lifetime. That’s the Evergreen way! We believe that education should go beyond the years of learning in a classroom.