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Beauty Career

Esthetics Student Success Story: Natalya Erdmann

“I chose to go into Esthetics because I have always loved everything to do with beauty and skincare. I loved doing face masks and makeup whenever I hung out with friends during my middle and high school years. I just thought it was so much fun. Taking care of my skin has always been a top priority of mine. So, I thought…why not become an Esthetician that way I can help others with their skin, knowing I’m doing something that I truly enjoy…”

Hair Design Student Success Story: Gwenyth Landes

“My advice to students starting their beauty school journey is, to be open to the different opportunities offered to you! It’s wonderful to have a clear idea of what you want but trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to surprising avenues you might not expect. You might find that editorial is what excites you, or color corrections are your gift, or perhaps you find a niche working with children, etc. You don’t always know until you try, and Evergreen does a great job of giving their students the chance to explore lots of options, so take those opportunities while you can…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Alexis Adams

“I’ve always loved playing with cosmetics and skin care, and I’ve particularly loved brow shaping and lashes. I spent my teenage years doing makeup for fun on myself and my friends. Some of my favorite memories are doing makeup on friends before school dances. I’d spent hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. It wasn’t until I was years into retail job after retail job that I learned about Estheticians and what is covered under their licensing. I was instantly intrigued…”

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Heather Sutherland

“Originally I moved to the area due to its internationally known craft program. I was busy working on my art practice, working with other artists.” However, like so many during the Pandemic shut down, “I lost everything and realized I needed to find a more stable career without sacrificing my creativity. Looking to my art I saw the thing that made most sense; helping others and the glitz & glam…”

Hair Design Student Success Story: Laura Garcia

“After 7 years in the medical field as a nursing assistant, Laura decided to change her career path during the COVID pandemic. Overwhelmed by the amount of work she was doing, on top of raising her daughter, Laura saw an opportunity. “I see this opportunity as being able to be my own boss and managing my own salon, whether it be a small or big one…”