Average Income of Cosmetology School Graduates

If you have your hopes on becoming a top notch cosmetologist, then cosmetology school should be part of your future. With a degree in cosmetology, average income can range anywhere from $22,500 to $40,000, depending on education, training and experience. The field of cosmetology is rapidly expanding with numerous job opportunities for the future. Those interested in making a career in this profession should ensure they get the best possible training to enhance their future.

Factors that Affect the Annual Income of Cosmetologists

Several factors affect cosmetology average income, including:

  • a person’s training, abilities and skills
  • length of experience
  • place of employment
  • location

Your choice of cosmetology school is of utmost importance as it determines the extent of training you will receive. A school that offers extensive training will enable you to learn the comprehensive abilities and skills needed to do well in this field. You should also consider a school that includes on-the-job training within its curriculum to enable you to get some practical experience on the field.


The more experience you gain in the cosmetology profession, the higher salary you can command for your skills. A master cosmetologist with ample experience has the potential to earn between $30,000 and $40,000 a year by working in some of the country’s top rated beauty salons.

Location also makes a difference in cosmetology salaries, with New York and Washington DC offering as much as $32,000 per year in this field. Once you have gained a reputation as a top notch cosmetologist, the possibilities for earning higher salaries are many and varied. You can open your own salon or operate freelance, building your own support base from satisfied customers and their referrals.

Cosmetology Training

As training is so important, future cosmetologists would do well to research school options carefully before enrolling in a cosmetology course. Most cities have a variety of schools to choose from; however, not all of these schools offer the same standard when it comes to training. In addition to learning hair care skills and techniques such as cutting, styling, coloring, etc., a comprehensive cosmetology course should include manicure and pedicure training, makeup techniques, facials, scalp treatments, professional hair removal, wig care and styling, etc.

Cosmetology School

Mastering these skills improves your ability to earn more money in your field. One of the best ways to master these skills is by attending an accredited cosmetology school such Evergreen Beauty School.  Many professional salons look for multi-talented cosmetologists with more than just hair care skills. You can increase your career opportunities and salary by getting all the training you can before embarking into your profession on a full time basis. Of course, the more on-the-job training you receive while attending school, the more experience you will gain to open up more doors for the future. Job opportunities for experienced cosmetologists include private salons, spas, resorts, department stores, malls, personal care shops and more.

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