Benefits of a Beauty School Education

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If you have ever considered attending one of the country’s many beauty schools, you may be excited to learn that most beauty school graduates say they are happy with their career choice. From making others feel good to knowing they will always have a job, most beauticians enjoy their work. Cosmetology professionals report many benefits of their career, including:

The Work Makes Clients Smile

Salons are always full of smiling, upbeat people. This is because everyone likes to treat themselves occasionally, and many choose cosmetology services to do it.

For many beauty professionals, knowing they are making others happy also makes them happy. It’s been said that smiles and laughter are contagious, and some cosmetologists have found this is true.

The Field Allows Creativity

Cosmetologists are artists at heart. Each client presents different challenges and has different desires. Crafting a new look for each client requires creativity as well as skill.

If they had not wanted to work with their hands to create a creative look for their clients, students at beauty schools would have never enrolled.

Something as simple as a new haircut or a manicure can raise a person’s self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. This is the most rewarding part of the job for many beauty professionals. Most cosmetologists enjoy interacting with other people, and love working with a wide-variety of clients.

The Job is in High Demand

There is always a demand for cosmetologists. The unemployment rate in the field is near 0% for general technicians, and there is an overabundance of jobs and not enough professionals to fill them in some specialties such as esthetics. Cosmetology offers job security that few other industries can boast.

It Offers Financial Security

With only a few years experience, graduates of the nation’s most exclusive beauty schools can be earning as much as $50,000 annually. Dedicated and talented cosmetologists with a decade or more of experience can easily make more than this, and a few will break six figures.

Attending one of the top beauty schools can lay the foundation for a career that you will be satisfied with, and that offers many benefits above and beyond the paycheck. If you are interested in learning more about beginning a career as a cosmetologist, we may be able to help. Evergreen Beauty College is a well-known cosmetology school in the Pacific Northwest. Contact us today for more information.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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ellie davis
ellie davis
3 years ago

I liked that you mentioned attending cosmetology schools will allow you to improve your creativity. My husband and I are thinking about how to help his sister to choose her career, and we are looking for advice. I will let her know about the benefits of attending a cosmetology school to help her decide.

Darrien Hansen
Darrien Hansen
3 years ago

Thank you for mentioning how cosmetologists are required to overcome a variety of unique challenges in order to satisfy their clients. My wife would like to attend a beauty school after she gives birth to our first child next year, but she needs to find a professional that will allow her to use some of the ideas that she occasionally writes down in her notebook. Maybe she should consider finding a beauty school that can help her find a career.

Jonathan Hansen
Jonathan Hansen
3 years ago

Thanks for pointing out that going to beauty school offers you a career with a lot of job security. I’ve been looking for a good job for my future, so I’m thinking about going to a beauty school. I’m going to search for a good beauty school that I can attend.

Charlotte Fleet
Charlotte Fleet
2 years ago

My younger sister is graduating from high school this month and she is trying to decide what kind of education she wants to get. I love how you stated that beauty school and becoming a cosmetologist allow people to be creative with their work. My sister is very creative, so I will have to recommend that she look into going to beauty school so she is allowed to use that creativity.