Choosing Professional Hair Styling Brushes for Your Salon

Every woman has at least one hair brush she uses for every style; but if you are in the business of taking care of other people’s hair, you cannot afford to go without a set of professional hair styling brushes. Different brushes are designed to produce certain types of hair styles which is often learned by those who have attended a cosmetology course.

Knowing which brushes you should have in your salon can give customers exactly what they want, which will help establish a loyal client base and grow your profits.

Buying Professional Hair Brushes

Many salon owners and managers tend to buy top brands because they believe the manufacturer’s reputation guarantees quality. The truth is you can get affordable brushes that provide twice the quality. The most important factors about hair brushes are the bristles and the construction. Bear in mind that prices of brushes can increase according the substances added to bristles, multi-purpose function and durability.

Types Of Bristles For Professional Styling Brushes

When choosing brushes for your salon business, the bristle types play a vital role in the kind of styling you can do. Bristles can be made of animal hair, nylon or be a fusion of the two with special added qualities.

One of the most popular animal types is boar-bristle brushes. Bristles can also be made of porcupine hair. Animal hair brushes are preferred because of their ability to spread good natural oils throughout the hair while straightening, curling and styling.

Nylon bristles can brush through hair of any texture. A nylon-bristle brush can comb through any hair, from coarse hair to extensions. It can also slide through hair without pulling at tangles.

Substances Added To Brush Bristles

Ceramic, ions and tourmaline can be added to bristles to improve their quality and flexibility. Ceramic gives hair strength, ion additions absorb water to enhance shine and tourmaline softens and gives hair volume.

Types of Professional Hair Styling Brushes

Hair brushes differ in their construction and each features a build specifically made for a unique function.

  • Paddle brushes are wide and flat to cover as much hair surface as possible when combing, straightening and stylish
  • Barrel brushes are round in shape and allow you to roll hair while drying to increase volume
  • To enhance texture, use the vented brush, which have openings to facilitate air flow when drying
  • Cushioned brushes are great for combing out tangles
  • When used properly, teasing brushes can be used to create many hair styles, especially those that require volume

Best Styling Brushes For Types Of Hair

  • If you have thicker hair, use round brushes with animal and nylon bristles for volume and texture
  • Thinner hair is best handled by barrel brushes with boar/ionic/nylon bristles for conditioning
  • To straighten hair, classic, paddled and cushioned brushes with nylon or porcupine bristles are best
  • For curls and bangs, the best options are barrel and vented brushes with short ceramic bristles
  • Teasing and vented brushes are great for creating volume
  • For hair extensions and wigs, use cushion brushes to tackle tangles
  • If you have short hair, brush with spornette nylon-bristle brushes

The right sets of styling brushes for your salon are those that allow effortless styling and conditioning by distributing oils throughout hair. Fortunately, we offer multi-purpose brushes that allow you to create many hair styles with just one brush. Pay special attention to bristles and design so your clients can leave your salon happy, satisfied and gorgeous.

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Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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Diana Muise
Diana Muise
7 months ago

I love the ceramic round barrel brushes with the exception of one thing … every brush I buy, no matter how cheap or expensive, whether purchased at a salon, a beauty supply store, Walgreens or CVS … they all have a tendency to grap several strands of hair at the point where the handle meets the barrel, ripping my hair out or breaking it!!! I don’t understand WHY the manufacturing companies can’t make a brush that is all one piece or at least make the seal where the barrels and the handles meet/join together so that strands of hair can’t get caught up in them while you’re trying to style & dry your hair at the same time. When you are drying & styling your hair at the same time, you need to be spinning and/or twirling the brush in a circular motion while the dryer is blowing on your hair that’s on the brush. And well, for me, it never fails that while doing it I either have to stop in the middle to untangle my hair that’s been caught up in that little space or when I’m done, there’s many, many stands of my hair wrapped around the area where the barrel & handle connect. The ceramic round brushes with the boar head bristles are the only types of brushes I can use but I’m not only going broke from replacing the old ones with newer ones hoping that this time it will be different, I’m going to have to get my hair cut so short that there’s not enough hair to wrap around the barrel of the brush so it can’t get caught or I’m going to have to purchase a real hair wig that I don’t have to style!! The latter would be very hard for me to do because I have strawberry blonde hair that is many different colors of red with blonde highlights and darker red in some areas. I’m always getting compliments on the color of my hair and if I were to wear a wig, it would be completely obvious!!