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Ms. Alexis Jones was recognized by our Mount Vernon campus this past month in an all school assembly. Her peers applauded as she accepted her award for the successful habits she’s showing this early on in her career as she continues to build her brand. I am so excited to share her story with you.


About Alexis Jones

When Ms. Alexis shared her reason for looking into the beauty industry, her answer was beautifully stated while offering a different perspective.  “Before I enrolled in cosmetology school I was a vet assistant 3 years prior, thinking that’s what I wanted to do for a living I quickly realized it wasn’t. My goal was to be happy in life, and I thought why not be in a career where not only personally you can feel beautiful and happy but you can spread that to every client that comes through the door. My lashes, makeup, and hair were ALWAYS there for me. I want that for other people. Having a bad day? Come sit in my chair and we can turn that around! Healthy hair, lashes and skin is going to be the next best thing for everyone and I want to be apart of the industry that can transform people for the better and make them shine.” shares Alexis.girls doing hair in a barber shop

“Choosing Evergreen Beauty College was a no brainer for me. After doing research on not only the school but also the staff and successful students who have recently graduated I couldn’t wait to get my foot in the door. When evergreen says you become family, you really become family and you can feel that. The passion you receive from admissions and financial aid staff right off the get go really made me feel welcome and that I was making the right decision.” Alexis added.


The Evergreen Experiencecollage of purple hairstyles and curly hairstyles

Since starting the Cosmetology program with us Ms. Alexis has shared some of her highlights of what she has enjoyed, what has helped her so far and what sets her apart from other cosmetologist:

“What I like most about my program right now is learning different coloring techniques, there’s so many different varieties and colors you can choose from. Changing a clients hair color is everything to me, your not only changing the hair but the way that person looks and how they feel about themselves. Personally when I’m done with a color and the final touch and I see my clients smile and how much they love it, I know I’m doing what I was meant to do.”

“The test outs for the procedures we have learned are honestly the most helpful for me in school. Our instructors do such a good job on doing demonstrations for us that when it comes down to performing the process I can really put my skills to the test and see how and where i need to make improvements to better the task I am providing.”

short hair cut on black hair“Growing up I never dreamed of being a cosmetologist like a lot other stylist who join this field it’s been their passion since they were young. Me? I played with racecars and made mud pies with my brothers. Yes I loved coloring my hair and playing with makeup but I never knew I could have a career being a stylist. Even with that being said I fall in love with this career pathway more and more each day. I can feel myself thriving and wanting to learn more as I get better.”

“I can offer a variety of services because I don’t have just one thing I like to do. I have a good understanding of what the final outcome will be like and I love putting my skills to the test. I’ve excelled in learning new haircuts and learning how to do beautiful color melts. I’m not afraid of tackling anything that comes my way, my purpose is to give my clients the beautiful hair they’ve always wanted.” Alexis states passionately.


The Next Step

Although Ms. Alexis is months from graduation she is already setting goals that will pave a pathway allexisda with purple hairthrough the industry that will set her apart. “After I graduate my plan is to gain some experience in a local salon while I enroll in the esthetician program. My favorite saying since I’ve started school is “Knowledge is power” I’m not here to limit myself, I want to advance so far in the beauty industry I know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to hair & skin of all types. I eventually want to own my own major salon and spa offering any kind of beauty service you can imagine.” explained Alexis.

“The best advice I can give to new students is to be positive, and always believe in yourself even if you really don’t. Always tell yourself you CAN do this. The difference between having a negative mindset vs a positive one will make or break your experience. And always support one another we’re here for the same reason, beauty is our passion. Make amazing memories also while getting the best education possible.” Alexis offered.

Ms. Alexis Jones graduates next June, 2020. And if you are interested in continuing to follow Alexis throughout her program, you can check her out on Instagram: hair_byalexiss . Congratulations Alexis! We can not wait to see the impact you make in the industry and our proud of the success your are showing this early within your career field!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry take the Beauty Biz Readiness Quiz, you can also check out our programs or contact us at one of our five locations: Mount Vernon, Everett, North Seattle, Renton, and Yakima.








Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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