Cosmetology Student Success Story: Lydia Walz


Our Everett campus awarded one of their cosmetology students, Ms. Lydia Walz, as she continues to define her brand. Building connection personally, and over different social media platforms, Lydia is creating a name for herself!

About Lydia Walz

Having a natural creative side, Lydia’s interest in hair came into focus during her high school years. “I decided to go into cosmetology because I loved doing hair. Any chance I’d get, I would always do my friends hair in class during high school when we were supposed to be listening to the lecture, lol. Deciding at that point that cosmetology would be the best option for me as a career choice because I’m that naturally creative person that enjoys the different ways hair can transform. Before enrolling into beauty school, I had just recently graduated high school so going back to school wasn’t much of a change… the only difference being that I actually enjoy what I get to do on a day to day basis! When it came time to choosing a school to attend, Evergreen Beauty College was able to help fill a void. Evergreen was the only school that had a family aspect to it. I moved from my family after high school so it’s nice knowing that I have my school family around. It is a place you can belong to while becoming something greater,” confides Lydia.

The Evergreen Experience

Since starting the cosmetology program with us Ms. Lydia has shared some of her highlights of what she has enjoyed, what has helped her so far and what sets her apart from other cosmetologist:

“At this point in my program I really enjoy doing men’s cuts but have found that I am pretty good at balayage’s and foils too. Overall, I love haircuts and will primarily focus on them after school. Throughout my program here at Evergreen Beauty College we have been given Bingos as some of our assignments and they’ve help me a lot because it keeps me motivated to work on areas I’m not comfortable with. These Bingo’s are filled with all different services we’ve learned throughout our course, and are signed off after completing each different service. They’ve helped me develop my technique and real world timing!” shared Lydia.

“Men’s cuts I would say is my specialty. During our barbering portion of our program, I would be the go to for my friends with their men’s cuts models. I just have a natural ability to see the cut within the hair and was a services that just connected. I’m the same way with woman’s cuts but I, personally, prefer shorter men’s cuts.”

“As for what sets me apart that I’d consider qualities of why a potential client would booked an appointment with me over another stylist? Well, I’ve been told that I look confident with all of my clients and the work I produce is the reason alone. I have also found that I tend to be a humorous person and people seem to like that about my personality. With picking up my speed in my services also allows clients to come in and out with a great haircut or color in a reasonable time. Plus I’m known to give a good scalp massage!” States Lydia.

The Next Step

With only a few months until the end of Lydia’s cosmetology program, she has her mind set on her next steps, “I plan to work in a barbershop so I can build up my male clientele. Working on men’s cuts is an area of focus for me because I do well on them. If I can work in an area that is geared toward a strength of mine it will be easier to build that clientele I want so I can perform the services I enjoy,” states Lydia.

“The industry is growing, so I know there will be more students coming into EBC so I would like to leave some advice to them: Don’t give up, if you feel like you don’t understand something, keep working on it and practice because it will soon click for you. I hated haircuts in the begining but the more I was able to  practice my techniques they suddenly clicked for me. Now I solely want to pursue that in my career. It’s funny how that happens,” Lydia offers.

Ms. Lydia Walz is set to graduate this coming November 2019 and what better way to support her other than to stop by our Everett campus! And if you are interested in continuing to follow Lydia throughout her cosmetology program, you can check her out on IG: @lydershair . Congrats Lydia! Evergreen wishes you the best as you transition into a barbershop where you’ll continue to perfect your skills and become the amazing hair stylist we know you are.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry take the Beauty Biz Readiness Quiz, you can also check out our programs or contact us at one of our five locations: Everett, Renton, North Seattle, Yakima, and soon to be Mount Vernon as well.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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