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We are pleased to introduce you to one of March’s Digital Marketing Award winners, Elizabeth Hayes, an Esthetic student studying at our Everett campus! Elizabeth has actually been in the industry for a number of years doing bridal make-up and decided to continue her education to be able to expand her expertise and services offered. Elizabeth is on track to graduate in less than a month and we are so impressed by everything she has already accomplished both in school and outside of school 🙂 Congrats, Elizabeth!

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To really be successful in this industry, you must be willing to continue your education and understand that trends are always changing and most of your clients will want to be staying up on those trends and therefore seeking advice from YOU! For Elizabeth, “I have spent the last 5 years in the beauty industry doing bridal and portrait airbrush make-up. I love working with my clients, but usually one get to see them for big, often once in a lifetime, events. Esthetics is a natural progression for me to move full time into a field I love, while getting to develop relationships with my clients and see them on a regular basis.”

What a perfect example of the importance continued education and the benefits it can bring. Elizabeth has also found that she has a love for skincare, specifically facials. “Facials are my absolute favorite! I like the combination of helping someone with their skin and helping them relax with a little pampering. I love taking care of people. Make-up will always be my first love, but facials are up there. I have always enjoyed the relationships we in the beauty industry build with our clients, they are putting so much into our hands! We hold the power to make or break their day, and anytime I can lend a little calmness to their controlled chaos of a life, I go for it.”

Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself, Elizabeth!

The Evergreen Experience

For someone to drive an hour and a half for our program (even if it was technically the shortest drive) I Elizabeth Marie Workhave to think Evergreen offers something a little extra special 🙂 When I asked Elizabeth why she chose to attend Evergreen, she said, “Honestly, Evergreen was the shortest drive (only 1.5 hours) coming down from Bellingham. However, I am so glad I chose to come here for so many more reasons. The instructors and the atmosphere are encouraging and full of learning opportunities. They will do anything in their power to help you reach your goals!”

What assignments have been the most helpful and why? “The hands-on demonstrations provided by the instructors here at Evergreen are always helpful in making Elizabeth Marie Work 2something click. Even if they themselves don’t specialize in a certain area, they will bring in someone who does and we get to learn from the best! I always learn best by doing, so I appreciate the opportunities we have to practice as much as we need to before going out into the big bad beauty world.”

Even though she does have an extensive background in the industry already, I was still interested to know why Elizabeth thinks clients should book with her. She said, “I have magical fairy dust that will turn their skin back 20 years. In all actuality, the skills I have learned here have well equipped me to do some great work in listening to what my clients are really asking for and give them an enjoyable experience while making their skin glow.”

The Next Step

We already know Elizabeth is doing wonderful things in school and with her already-established career, Elizabeth Marie Work 3but I still wanted to know specifically what her plans are after graduation! “I am currently doing make-up in a salon and have plans to expand my services to include my new skill set. My ultimate dream would be to open my own salon/spa, but I’m trying to be patient!”

I enjoyed Elizabeth’s advice for incoming students because I think it’s honest and real. “Real advice time. Beauty school is 99.99% girls. Girls like drama and drama, once it starts, is hard to end. We are competent adults who are looking to make a career change and be successful doing something we love. Don’t sell yourself short by getting sucked in the pettiness that may or may not present itself. Our educators expect a lot from us, don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down. AND have fun!! You have chosen a fabulous career, enjoy it!”

View More: you are getting married this summer or you just enjoy seeing Elizabeth’s hard work but make sure to check her out on her social media accounts: Instagram ElizabethMarieMakeup // Website

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you can check out our program or contact us at one of our three locations: Bellevue, Everett or Renton!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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