Esthetics Student Success Story: Jenn Becker

Not everyone discovers their passions early in life. Sometimes it takes people a little longer in life to figure out what exactly will make them the happiest. Some people need to go through a couple different jobs or careers before they decide, “No. I want to do something different with my life that will make me a lot happier.” That is the story of our July winner of our Digital Marketing Award at our Everett Campus, Jenn Becker. She didn’t discover her passion in the Esthetics industry until she’d worked in a couple other career fields. I was very intrigued to hear her story of how she came to be a Future Professional at Evergreen.

About Jenn

Jenn has been in a variety of different industries before deciding on a career in Esthetics. She attended college and not only got her nursing degree, but her psychology degree as well. With that, she held positions such as a Mental Health Clinician, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Nurse and a variety of different volunteer and board member opportunities as well as being able to stay at home with her three children. When asked why she decided to change career paths she said, “I have always enjoyed working with people. I needed to have a career that was rewarding, yet challenging. I wanted to still be able to utilize my clinical and assessment skills from my nursing and psychology degrees.” Master Esthetics seemed to be the perfect fit for her.

I wanted to know what strengths she has developed while at Evergreen. She said, “I’m very hands on. With my previous background, I feel very confident in the spa and very confident with my client consultations, goals and treatment plans. I enjoy customizing their experience so it’s not the “cookie cutter” effect, and I may blend something here and there and try to got the extra mile as I would hope someone would do for me. Perhaps all of the years in retail and working in fine dining while in college finally paid off!” Being able to relate to your client, take care of their needs and personalize their services to their exact concerns or goals will get you very, very far in this industry! Way to go, Jenn!

The Evergreen Experience

All of our Future Professionals have very different reasons why they chose to attend Evergreen Beauty College over all of the other Beauty Colleges in the area. When asked why Jenn chose EBC she said, “I was interested in doing the Master Esthetics program and being that I live along the Canadian border, it was a great fit and THANKFULLY in Everett!” Not only were we a great fit for Jenn, but she has been a great fit for us as well! Her commitment and dedication she has shown is amazing!

During the Master Esthetics program, the FPs are taught a variety of different things from Cosmetic Chemistry to Waxing to Laser Hair Removal. The assignment that has been the most helpful for Jenn during her program has been her Senior Research Project. “I’m doing this with a group of clients, where I use the Visia, our computer analyzes the various skin conditions. Then I perform a Microdermabrasion on each of these guests and an advanced facial. I compare results every 3-4 weeks for each treatment to monitor their progress, and so far, it’s looking very promising!

” That is wonderful! We love hearing that the assignments and projects they are assigned while in school are beneficial to them and will help them in their careers once they graduate.

Jenn has had such a great experience during her program.

I had to know what she liked most about the program. She said, “I love the fact that people “open up” to me, then I get down to their core concern. We decide together on a treatment goal and work together as a team. I’m a HUGE advocate for educating your client. I also love customizing their facials and treatments as we progress. I appreciate their feedback and love seeing them thrilled  leaving with gorgeous, glowing skin. I also love the that I’m hands on, it’s all me, and I’m the one that creates this experience for them. I do have to say, the best sound is that of a snoring client.” Those are some wonderful things. Taking care of your client like that will get you very far in this industry.

The Next Step

After our Future Professionals graduate, we always want to know what their plan is and where they want to work. Jenn is considering the Medspa industry, but also said that she really enjoys the education aspect. “I’m most likely going back to school again down the road. I love it all, so it’s a win/win no matter what!” We have no doubt that whatever she decides to do once out in the industry, she will excel tremendously!

If you would like to book with Jenn at our Everett campus, she will be available until early November of 2017. I wanted to know why Jenn thinks people should book with her and what sets her apart from other Estheticians. ” I offer the highest quality of care, with a personalized one-on-one consultation, where we work together on their treatment plan and goals. I can offer my clients the highest standard in service, the background and education with the personal touch and personality that will keep them coming back.”

Also, make sure to check out all of Jenn’s work and see where she ends up next. You can find her on Instagram at jenn.becker.esthetics.

Also, if you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you can check out our program or contact us at one of our three locations: Yakima, Everett or Renton!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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