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Evergreen Beauty College is a place of learning, growth, and self-reliance. We believe that all of these characteristics are fostered by a culture of appreciation. That’s why we feature new students every month as our Digital Marketing Award winners. This month we would like to recognize one of our talented cosmetology students, Mariah Mills!

About Mariah

Mariah told us that she fell in love with cosmetology and all that it offers when she took a trip to a hair tour. On that trip, she learned about what she hopes will become her future, lifelong career.

“I started working at Daniel Ross in Covington and fell in love when our salon took a trip to LA for the World Wide Hair Tour in LA that was hosted by Davines. It opened my eyes that there is so many opportunities in the hair industry where you can be creative.”

One reason that we love cosmetology so much is because of the creative outlet it provides. Many people who love drawing, painting, and art in general can find a rewarding career in cosmetology. We asked Mariah what she believes to be the best part of her cosmo program.

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“On the salon floor I really enjoy doing color services. My favorite thing about the program is the fashion shows we get to take part in. I love being able to be creative and do unique and fun and bring a vision to life. This type of work is the direction I would ultimately like to take my career.”

We love to give students the chance to work in a salon that mimics a real-world salon job. That’s why we offer student services to our local community!

Evergreen loves to hear their students talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Our student body and staff are one big family, and we love to support each other! Mariah told us her strong suit:

“Corrective colors are my favorite. I love fixing and doing color, coming up with a plan for a client and working with them to create their ideal look. Color and drastic changes! I also LOVE being able to take part in fashion shows and doing crazy wild hair. I would love to do hair for movies or fashion week! I would love to do editorial and theatrical hair. Being involved in a fast paced setting where you get to be very creative is my ultimate goal.”

The Evergreen Experience

One of Evergreen’s goals for students is self-reliance. This can be accomplished by self-reflection, hard work, and responsibility. Evergreen Beauty College also likes to constantly improve and become a better educational resource. That’s why we ask students to give us feedback about why they came here and what the most helpful parts of the programs are.

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“The hands on assignments have been the most helpful to be able to do it and practice it over and over again.”

Mariah said, “I chose Evergreen in Renton because a lot of graduates from the salon I work at have attended and recommended the school.”

Thanks, Mariah! Your feedback, along with our students and graduates, will help us make our school and programs even better!

The Next Step

Mariah is set to graduate in March of 2017. We asked her about her goals for the future.

girl dressed as skeleton bride

“I am very involved with education and furthering my skills and techniques through any means. I would love to be able to get involved in local editorial work and eventually travel the world while pursuing creative and inventive styles and looks.”

Mariah is hoping to take advantage of all the career opportunities that a cosmetology license can give her. Not many people know that a beauty education can create job openings in editorial work!

Before she starts on her fabulous journey to her dream career, we asked Mariah to share some advice with our incoming students.

“My advice would be to get a job at a salon where you plan to work. Being a receptionist at a salon is so helpful, you begin to understand how the salon works before you start as a stylist as well as being able to receive feedback from clients on what is most important to them for their service.”

Congrats, Mariah! You can check out more of her work on her Instagram profile @riahhair_!

Are you interested in pursuing an education in cosmetology?

Check out our program page or contact us for more information!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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