Evergreen Beauty College’s Educator voted Team Leader of the Year 2014

Camalita Glover & Joe Trieu at the International Salon & Spa Expo receiving the award

Camalita Glover & Joe Trieu at the International Salon & Spa Expo receiving the award

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January 25th, 2015 – Team Leader of the Year is a prestige award that recognizes the beauty school teacher of the year throughout North America.

Camalita Glover (Terrell) graduated from Robinswood High School in Bellevue, WA in 1998. Who knew this girl was the future teacher of the year that is recognized by Nuts & Bolts Business Training Company in Long Beach, CA at the International Salon & Spa Expo at the convention center?

Following high school, Camalita started at Bellevue Beauty School where she become a beauty school dropout. She withdrew from school for personal reasons and lived life like many in their early young adult years. She later came back to Bellevue Beauty School where she worked at the front desk as a guest coordinator of 8 years.

A local family in Edmonds, WA that owned Evergreen Beauty College purchased Bellevue Beauty School and kept Camalita on the staff. It was then when Camalita went back to Cosmetology School and graduated from the formally known Bellevue Beauty School to Evergreen Beauty College. After graduating Camalita worked in a local salon and decided to go back into teaching and earn her teaching certificate at Evergreen Beauty College. Following completing school, she was offered at teaching position with the college and began a teaching career 4 years ago.

Within that time, Camalita launched the Nuts and Bolts (NaB) Business Training program that teaches beauty school students the principles of applied business skills in the beauty industry at two of Evergreen’s three campuses. She was the driving force behind why NaB has been so successful at Evergreen.

“When we purchased the Bellevue campus in 2007, we inherited an older facility with a staff that was resistant to change.” Said Frank Trieu, Evergreen Beauty College Ambassador. “Camalita was the ‘front desk girl’ and in all honesty, we saw her as an important member of the team, but not the driver. We put all staff members through the NaB training as part of the transition; to our amazement, the principles of Nuts & Bolts took hold of her and her leadership flourished. She continued to work the front desk for the next two years; the more Nuts & Bolts exposure she got, the more she delivered. We even took her to the first Team Leader Conference; she came on as a team leader during that year and under her leadership, she doubled the student salon revenue between 2009 – 2010 by helping the educational team and students understand up servicing, rebooking and retailing.” This was done through her work in the classroom, but also the monitoring and helping the team understand the importance of the 5-star customer service and overcoming the fear of change.

She then enrolled in the Instructor Training Program at Evergreen to be an educator; this was her calling and the response from the student body was incredible. In the first 6 months under her leadership, Evergreen Beauty College had 70-80% of our student body retailing each month. She helped us achieve over a 90% average monthly attendance 4 of the 5 months.

Because of the promise that she had shown, in 2013, EBC included her in the opening team at their third campus in Renton. As a freshman teacher and a seasoned NaB Team Leader, Camalita lead numerous activities to help the students further understand the NaB Principles. She also helped extend the Nuts & Bolt’s classroom to have our students participate in one of Washington’s Largest Student Run Fashion shows; 60+ of students understood the value of getting ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ and how much they can grow from it. She takes the lessons of Customer Wow outside of the classroom, to the clinic floor, to community and the runway.

Jim Yates

Jim Yates – CEO & founder of Nuts & Bolts Training at the awards presentation

These efforts are fruitful. Not only has she inspired happy students, but positions them for success. One example from this past year was the success of our newest campus in Renton. Renton was intimated by the success of our other two campus when it came to the International Business Student of the Year. Camalita made a commitment to the students that if they were able to be the nominee for the Nuts & Bolts Student of Year, she would work alongside to make sure that they had a shot at the prestigious award. Samantha Sauve was Renton’s nomination, and through Camalita’s efforts, coupled with the efforts of the rest of the education team, Renton was able to have a Nuts & Bolts Top 3 Placer the first year as a Nuts & Bolts Member School!

There are a number of well-qualified team leaders across the country that deserve this award. However Camalita’s consistent and relentless effort makes her especially deserving. She is a living testimony what teaching is about; embracing change, empowering others and working for the betterment of our industry.

This short story will sum up her character: “About three years ago, Camalita came into the office to see how many vacations days she had accrued. She explained that there was a Team Leader Training if I could help her get coverage, she would like to use her vacation days and attend the training. Before I could reply, she said, “Frank, I spoke with my husband, and we had had budgeted some money to go to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. If you could help me get coverage and attend the Team Leader Training I’ll pay for the ticket, hotel and everything. Austen (her husband) knows how much it means to me and said that he would support me because it would allow me to be a better educator and teacher for our students, our team and for me.” Camalita did the training and came back as even a more incredible educator. In the last four years, she has taken her own vacation time and invested her own financial resources to go down the ISSE show to support our students as they competed for the IBSY. She is here each day to celebrate the students, their success and our industry.”

Congratulations to Ms. Camalita!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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