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Halloween Make Up: Look Like Kim Kardashian

Halloween Make UpOne of the most popular celebrities of all time is Kim Kardashian, and this Halloween, you may come across a few Kim impersonators.  Since makeup is a big part of Kim’s look, we thought we’d provide a guide on how to create the Kim effect, with a slight Halloween twist.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

1: Cover any flaws in you skin. Take a tube of bronze foundation cream and apply a thick layer to your skin. This will act as the base coat.Take a second tube of foundation cream that is at least two shades darker then the bronze base coat and apply it to the center of your cheeks. (HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Make Up For Ever blends in easily and there are plenty of different tones).  You can apply lots of bronzing powder to the center of your cheeks to make them even darker. This helps you to get that ghostly Halloween appearance.

2: Load the bronzer onto the brush and dust your chin and your forehead. Pout you cheeks and cover the apples with pinky peach face powder.

3: Take an eye liner pencil and color in your brows, bring the brows to a point at the ends.

4: Make a rim around your eyelids. Use the same black eye liner pencil to draw a line at the inner rim of your lower lashes and repeat the process by lining your eyes at the top.  Use the top of your finger to smudge the liner. Load a small sponge applicator with black eye shadow and re-do the areas that you have just smudged. Put a line of beige-colored shadow in the crease of your eye and pink or silver shadow on the central lid and the forehead.

5: False eyelash fun. Halloween is all about looking scary so use some false eyelashes to enhance your eyes. Take the black mascara and coat your lashes three or four times until they look thick.

6: Use a beige lip-liner to outline your lips. Coat your lips with gloss or beige lipstick.

To complete the Kim Kardashian look, wear a long floaty dress and a long black wig.  If you’re going out with two friends, one can dress as Khloé and the other as Kourtney.  Finally, have fun out there – you may run in to Kanye!

To learn more makeup techniques for professional purposes, visit Evergreen Beauty College’s cosmetology program.


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