How Does Hair Design Change Year-Round?

Hair design is one of the most interesting cosmetology areas. There are many ways to showcase your talent when it comes to hair design. With the variety of hair textures and types out there, every person can have a unique hair design specialization.

However, one thing you might not have considered is the way in which hair design can change year-round. People’s hairstyles and haircut choices may tend toward certain options with the seasons. Here are the most interesting changes that may happen with overall hair design choices depending on the season. Even if this won’t be the case for every client, you might notice these trends throughout the year.

  • Spring
Trying year round hair styles

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Spring styles tend to be soft and light, with plenty of accessories for styling ease. In the spring, you’re most likely to see super romantic, gentle styles that people are looking to accomplish. Layers are especially in during the spring as people start to feel the warmer temperatures and may decide to make a change before summer hits.

Spring also tends to be the most common season for someone to make a huge style change. Spring is a time for making personal changes to improve yourself, and sometimes a haircut is one of the biggest elements of that. Whether it’s the big chop or just the addition of bangs, many people make the choice to switch up their style in the spring.

  • Summer

It’s much less common to see big style changes in summer as opposed to spring. By the time summer hits, most people have already decided whether they want to remove some of their hair to grant them relief from the heat. It tends to be much more common to see people trying to figure out a style they can utilize with their existing hair to avoid heat problems.

In the summer, you’re likely to get requests for styles like blowouts and beachy waves. If you’re a braid stylist, you’ll likely get requests for braid styles that keep the hair as far back as possible, ensuring it doesn’t feel as heavy and warm. High ponytails and braids also tend to be very common requests, especially if you’re a hair designer for special events.

  • Fall 

The back-to-school fever doesn’t just impact school-aged kids. No matter how old you are, the smell of change is in the air in the fall, which means it could be a good time for someone to make a dramatic change. Coloring changes tend to be common in the fall, especially since summer hazards like pool chlorine are less likely to make an impact on your color.

Short styles tend to reign supreme in fall. It’s especially common to see fluffed styles requested in the fall; expect to use backcombing and hairspray a little more commonly in the fall than in other seasons. As people stop spending as much time outside, you can also expect that your clientele will request styles that feel a little more fragile.

  • Winter
best seasonal hair styles

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For many years, people have suggested long hair in the winter, ostensibly to “keep you warm.” Considering you can just choose to wear a hat, this advice doesn’t necessarily hold up. Still, well-meaning people repeat the advice so often that it’s become accepted folk knowledge. That means you’re substantially less likely to see people coming for a cut in the winter.

What you are likely to see, however, is people coming in for more unique styles. The significant number of holidays in the winter mean that a single stylist trip could provide a gorgeous style for multiple holidays. If you’re an extensive stylist, consider keeping a lot more accessories on hand; you may be able to upsell a lot more people for a cute pearl hairpin just before a Christmas party.


Hair design changes in a variety of subtle ways year-round. It’s always possible that you could have someone walk in and request a huge style change any day of the year, but it’s more probable that you’ll see it in fall or spring. That’s what really changes about hair design through the seasons.

As a hairstylist, you’re going to see these changes happen in real time. You’ll also get to spot unique changes that only occur in your area. It’s a great perk of being a hairstylist. Get started on that track today with a hair design program from Evergreen Beauty College.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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Lora Lunsmann
Lora Lunsmann
3 years ago

Great article! As a retired hairdresser of 40+ years, I found that people typically want to go lighter with their color in spring and summer and then darker, warmer, richer color choices for fall. I also found that fall season (as opposed to spring) was where most people wanted the biggest change. Keep up the good work!