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How Long Does it Take to Become a Makeup Artist?

Makeup Artist

Have you always dreamt of becoming a makeup artist? Does the idea of working as a makeup artists put a smile on your face? Makeup artistry is a fulfilling career, because you have the opportunity to work with top-of-the-line cosmetics to make clients more beautiful.

While you might be excited about becoming a makeup artist, you most likely have a number of questions about entering the field. One of the most common questions is, “how long does it take to become a makeup artist?” Read on to learn more.

Makeup Artist Courses

Many states require makeup artists to be licensed. While you could just take the licensing test, it’s better to take specialized courses in makeup artistry in order to pass the exam.

A standalone course in makeup artistry could take a month or two. Usually, they are part of a cosmetology school’s curriculum. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist can take about eight months if you attend school full-time. Should you decide to attend school on a part-time basis, the program could take up to two years.


Taking courses in makeup artistry (or becoming a cosmetologist) helps you learn the skills and knowledge you need to become a makeup artist. However, you will still need to gain professional experience.

How long do you need to work as a makeup artist before you have enough professional experience? That’s hard to say. After a few years, you will increase your knowledge and capabilities. However, it could take longer than that to truly become established in the field.

How to Gain Experience

Experience is all about learning. If you want to gain recognition in the field of makeup artistry, you need to be proactive in seeking learning opportunities.

Learning opportunities include taking courses to become a master makeup artist or enrolling in training offered by cosmetics companies focusing on new makeup application techniques. These learning opportunities are valuable because they come with a certificate to show you’ve completed the course. However, informal learning opportunities abound. If you see a new technique on YouTube or in a magazine, practice it until you feel you’ve mastered it.

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