How Long Does it Take to Complete a Cosmetology Course?

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Students thinking about a career in the beauty industry have many options. Their primary and first concern is where to find a good cosmetology school offering a quality cosmetology course.

Another consideration many aspiring beauty professionals have is whether they are prepared to commit to a full-time program. In this guide, learn how long it takes to complete a cosmetology program.

Is a career in beauty a good choice?

People who work in the beauty industry after cosmetology school find work in various types of professional roles, including estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, and even salon owners.

Cosmetology programs are an ideal choice for someone who is sure they want to pursue a career in beauty but is still figuring out a niche career. Cosmetology is also the program people choose when they want to become hair stylists working in a salon or spa.

Careers in cosmetology provide a decent income with the potential for growth. If you enjoy engaging with people, building your own hours, and not pushing pencils behind a desk all day, cosmetology may be a field you would like to explore. You’ll get to work with industry professionals and various creatives specializing in different trades.

Take advantage of school tours and speak with the teachers first-hand to see if beauty school is right for you. You will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, including the classrooms and student salons, and communicate with students about their experiences.

Once you’ve toured the campus, speak with a financial advisor to make a plan tailored to your work schedule and budget. Our staff at Evergreen Beauty College will walk you through the process of enrolling in classes.

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Cosmetology curriculum

A cosmetology education offers extensive training hours in hair care, hair coloring, and hair styling, as well as some training in makeup application, skin treatments, and nail care. Cosmetology students can earn their cosmetology license once they pass the state exam. Most salons and spas will only hire a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail tech.

At Evergreen Beauty College, our primary goal is to ensure students practice safe techniques and keep the workspace sanitary and clean at all times. Each student will learn to mix colors properly and consult clients on hair care to ensure the client is aware of the effects of color processing. Our nail technician students will learn at the beginning of their coursework how to prevent infection and monitor that products are being used safely.

In a proper cosmetology school, students will study the best safety and sanitary practices and begin learning color theory and introductory chemistry. As they advance through different techniques, they will apply their newly developed skills by practicing on fellow students and actual clients. Students should always be supervised by instructors.

How long is a cosmetology course?

Cosmetology courses vary in length depending on the school, the state requirements for licensing, and whether or not a student attends full-time or part-time programs. The Beauty Schools Directory features state-by-state licensing requirements, school directories, and various resources.

Evergreen Beauty College boasts seven campuses based in Washington state. Students can choose between flexible schedule options which offer a work-life balance.

At Evergreen, students attend Monday through Friday with many start date options year round.

Washington state beauty schools require 1,600 hours for cosmetology programs.  With our schedule options students can expect to graduate their cosmetology program in a little over a year.

What other beauty programs does Evergreen offer?

Evergreen offers flexible hours for all programs. Students with aspirations of studying specialized trades in the beauty industry will have more future career options with Evergreen Beauty College.

We offer the following courses:

Cosmetology program: Learn about chemical processing, haircutting, skin care, manicuring, and pedicuring with a focus on hair.

Barbering program: The barbering program focuses on design and cutting. Future barbers will gain a strong foundation in business training.

Esthetics program: In esthetics, students will specialize in skin treatments, including spa facials, facial massages, and body treatments.

Nail technician program: Learn nail & skin physiology, nail art, and safe and sanitary practices.

Instructor training program: Students will learn to feel comfortable instructing in a classroom environment and discover different training methods that will equip them to teach students.

Evergreen Beauty College philosophy

Our instructors help pave the way for each student to have a successful career in their field. We provide individualized hands-on training and prepare students for their practical and licensing exams. Students in our cosmetology program can graduate in a little over a year.  Schedule a tour of any of our Evergreen Beauty College courses today.

FAQ: How long is beauty school?

How many hours do you need to complete a cosmetology program?

In the state of Florida, you need 1,200 program hours. New York state examinations require 1,000 hours of coursework in cosmetology. The California Board of Cosmetology and Barbering requires 1,000 hours. In Washington State, students need 1,600 hours.

How long do most cosmetology programs take to complete?

Every student’s experience will be different depending on the flexibility of the school and the student’s availability. Sometimes, unplanned events occur in a student’s life that keep them from continuing school full-time. If everything goes to plan and you attend a cosmetology program full-time, you can expect to graduate in a little over a year.. Those who plan on attending school part-time can expect to finish school in over a year.

How much do beauty schools cost?

The cost of a beauty school program varies for every school. Typically, students can expect to pay between $15,000 and $30,000. Most schools, including vocational schools, offer financial aid assistance. Eligible students who apply and get approved may qualify for financial assistance. Other payment options include Pell Grants, scholarships, and student loans.

Some schools may offer students monthly or quarterly payment plans, which is ideal if they plan on paying for out-of-pocket of their education. All student loans come with interest rates you have to pay off.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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