How to do a Taper Fade Haircut

One of the most popular haircuts in barbershops is the taper fade haircut.  This haircut is a transition on the sides and the back of the skull.
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  The hair goes from shorter to longer in an upwards direction.

Why is the Taper Fade Hairstyle so Popular With Men?

The reason that men like fade hair cuts is that they are clean and low maintenance.  Most people with this haircut will not need a trim for weeks.  This cuts down on the cost of barber visits.

How to Give a Taper Fade Haircut

Anyone who wants to give a fade haircut to others needs to go to barber school.  Most amateurs make mistakes when they attempt this haircut.  Going to cosmetology school will ensure that the barber gives his clients high quality results quickly and safely.

The first step of giving this haircut is choosing the right clippers.  Low end clippers are a poor choice as they tend to pull hair instead of cutting.  A good pair of clippers will have a high speed motor and adjustable blades.  While detachable blades can be used, they are not recommended as the barber will have to perform multiple blade swaps.  Those dealing with skin or giving bald fades should consider using dedicated balding clippers or zero gap trimmers.

Listed below are the steps barbers must take to give a proper fade haircut.

–  Start at the base line where the blending will begin.  Blowout fades begin where the hairline starts whilst low to medium fades start above the ears.
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–  Set the desired blade length on the clippers.
–  Cut up the back of the head and the sides.
–  When the fade line has been established, the barber should adjust their clippers and cut upwards.

The instructions described above are a simple “how-to” guide for the fade haircut.  However, barbers who want to learn good technique will need to get training.  This can be done by enrolling in a barbering course at a cosmetology school.

Students who attend cosmetology school will be taught how to do common barbershop haircuts.  Graduates will leave the school knowing techniques that allow them to perform these haircuts quickly and easily.  As these schools give students “hands on” experience, barbers will feel comfortable working on new clients.  In fact, many barbers credit beauty school for teaching them how to do a perfect taper fade haircut.

If you are interested in becoming a barber, you should contact us.  Our cosmetology school has a barbering course which will teach you all you need to know.  After you graduate, you will be confident enough to work with experienced barbers at a barbershop.  Our staff can also discuss finance options with you.

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