How to Select Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair


A wedding will likely be the most important day of a woman’s life, meaning that they need to have everything go off without a hitch, but choosing wedding hairstyles for short hair can be a bit complicated, especially when the rest of the bridal party has longer lucks.  The good news is that there is a way to capitalize on shorter hair styles in order to walk down the aisle (whether before the bride or as the bride) and still look stunning on the important day.

A Look At Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Since shorter hairstyles are much easier to take care of than shoulder-length hair, which necessitates longer cleaning, drying, and styling, it can be a relief for many women to chop most (or all) of their hair off and only have a bit of styling to do.  Since the hair of the wedding party will take up a lot of time, this can be a big way to make sure that everything goes right, and goes right quickly.  You can style short hair in just as many different ways as you can style long hair.

If you want the style open, you can keep it flowing in any direction.  A small bun or ponytail is also possible, provided the woman has enough hair to make it to the back of her head.  Color schemes allow you to mix and match a hairdo with the patterns of the wedding dress or the bridesmaids’ dresses.  Finally, the accessories like earrings can be used to complement shorter hair, since longer locks will camouflage the jewelry on a woman’s ears or neckline.

With Curls Or Without

For nearly every woman, curls and a straightening iron seem to be an either-or possibility: you either put in curls and have your hair bob, or you subject your hair to the hot irons so that it stays down and flat.  A combination of curly and straight, however, can be achieved with short hair if the bride or bridesmaids want a style with contrast.  The shorter haircuts that curl at the end will make a bride look like an angel walking down the aisle, as her bridesmaids’ hair pops with each step that they take.

Flattening It Down

When a woman has very straight hair, it is usually easier to go with the flow instead of trying to fight back against it.  A very flattering cut is the short and straight without any curl or bun to gather up the hair.  Since this lets all of your hair flow out and complement your face, you either need to have it short enough to not get into your eyes or trim back your bangs.  If you want more help choosing hairstyles for a wedding day or for another event, check out Evergreen Beauty to get information about their salon services as well as their cosmetology courses.

Hair In Waves

The artistic meeting point between curly and straight hair is a wavy hairstyle that creates the illusion of movement as you look across a hairline.  A wavy look can be difficult for some women to pull off, especially if they battle against their follicles each day in order to get them to stay in place.

Combining a wavy look with a beautiful dress, however, can make for a perfect blend.  This is because the creases in the fabric of brides’ and bridesmaids’ dresses imitate the creases in wavy hair, so that it appears like your entire body is flowing to the beat of a gentle tide.  For those who are particularly daring, combining highlights in wavy hair with highlights in the dress can be a stunning appearance.

Classic And Vintage

If your wedding theme is one of a different era, you can use historical short haircuts to create a great atmosphere.  The flapper bobs of the 1920s, for instance, are a fun look for any occasion, let alone a wedding.  Similarly, the layers of a Marilyn Monroe haircut are difficult to create but enchanting to look upon, especially if the bride has a dress or ring that is a family heirloom from a grandparent.  When choosing Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair, make sure you take into account the theme of the wedding and the hair makeup of your bridal party to get the best fit.

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