Why You Need a Glam Room Right Now

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If you’re up to date on the latest trends in the beauty world, you know that every glam goddess wants a glam room. Realtor.com reported that the hottest celebs are building theirs out in competition with each other. These bedroom sized areas are dedicated to high-end makeup, designer fashion, and sparkling jewels and gems. Here are a few of our faves and some tips on how to create yours.

Kris Jenner

Of course the most notorious momager in the world has a gorgeous glam room. Interior designer Martyn Bullard created this elegant space for Jenner, and gave us some #glamroomgoals.

Khloe Kardashian

Following in her mother’s footsteps (or was it the other way around?) Khloe had Martyn design her glam room, too.

How to Get Yours

There are a few key elements to creating the ideal glam room.


Halo lights or illuminated mirrors can create the perfect lighting for an on-point selfie.


Beauty influencer @unicorn._.vanity shared this crazy coordinated and organized makeup drawer. This will not only help you keep track of things but will also be aesthetically pleasing.

A Color Scheme

You can see from both Kris’ and Khloe’s rooms that a color scheme is key. We also look again to @unicorn._.vanity for a pretty pink and purple palette.

What do you have or want in your glam room? Who has your #glamroomgoals? Make sure to share with us in the comments below!

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