Most Popular Men’s 80s Hairstyles

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Famous 1980s rock musicians and actors inspired many different hairstyles, from the mullet, the Jheri curl, rocker, perms, feathered layers, and many other undeniably 80s styles. 

80’s Hairstyles That Are Back For Men

Gel and hairspray were styling staples in the 80s. To achieve some of these popular and recognizable looks, let’s review some of our favorite 80s styles.

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The Mullet

The iconic mullet hairstyle emerged in the 80s. A mullet has long hair in the back of the head, while the front and the sides are short. Even some professionals wore a mullet during that time, and to tone down the dueling business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back style, they would wear their hair in a low ponytail. 

The Jheri Curl 

High Top Fade hairstyles and the Jheri curl peaked in the 80s within the black community. Pop stars like Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie sported the Jheri curls style in the 80s.

Men used a spray-on oil for shine. In the original Coming to America movie, Soul Glo was a fictitious product featured in a commercial promoting sheen for the Jheri curl. 

Rocker Hairstyles

Rocker hairstyles were popular among the younger crowds and popular music bands from the 80s, like Poison, Mötley Crüe, and Guns N’ Roses. To achieve the rocker look, you would need to wet your hair, diffuse it with a blow dryer and diffuser adapter, tease it to add plenty of volume, and finish with hairspray. Mohawks were a signature 80s punk aesthetic. The people who wore this bold hairstyle used a ton of gel and hairspray to get their hair to stand straight up on end. In some cases, punk rock enthusiasts with a flair for fashion and artistic expression colored their Mohawks unconventionally vibrant shades, including blues, reds, greens, and oranges, to create an even more dramatic effect.

Wild and Inventive 80’s Hair

Many people in the 1980s wore wild and expressive hairstyles. The colorful hues of the 80s are making a comeback, along with the mullet, shag, and perm. 

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