Summer Makeup 101: Which Makeup Items Should Be Waterproof

waterproof summer makeupThe hot summer months may make you want to go au naturel instead of dealing with melting makeup issues. But, you don’t need to give up on your makeup routine; you can still get your glam on during those nights out or days at the pool with friends.

Give your makeup bag a boost with waterproof summer makeup that will last from pool party to dance club. Just as the name implies, waterproof makeup won’t fade or smudge due to swimming, humidity, sweating or tears.

Most beauty products that you use daily have a waterproof version. Here you’ll find the 101 on waterproof summer makeup.


Even if you skip everything else, waterproof concealer can hide any blemish even after spending all day in the pool. Concealer can be worn in any situation – from a hot mid-day training session to playing water volleyball with friends. It will help give you confidence that your summer glow isn’t being ruined by that zit on your chin.


When it comes to waterproof makeup, waterproof mascara is most girls’ go-to summer product. We all know that mascara is the one thing that can make a big difference to your look. It defines your eyes and helps you look awake after a night out.

Even though your eyes may be behind your Gucci sunglasses most of the day, mascara will make all the difference when they’re not.


Waterproof foundation may be a bit much for a pool day. But it’s great for outdoor events that might require a put together look to go with your sundress.

Events like an outdoor wedding would be the perfect occasion. You need to dress up, with your makeup to match, and you can’t risk it melting off. Look for breathable foundations with a matte finish to give you the most long-lasting effect. A waterproof foundation with a sunscreen incorporated is your best bet.


A waterproof bronzer should be oil-free to help eliminate some of your shininess and to stay in place. Bronzer is great to help create a more defined make-up look, or to help your pale skin transition a little faster from spring to summer.


Many girls love their eyeliner, but one that’s not waterproof will surely give you smudgy and dark under eyes that you don’t want.


Waterproof liquid eye shadows should include a primer to help them last longer and dry to a powder finish.

Lip Color

When you’re sprinting around on a hot summer day, you’ll want a lip color that won’t feather or melt off. Waterproof lipsticks or lip stains are great for more formal events. But for a day at the beach you may want to keep a more casual look with lip-glosses.

Waterproof Summer Makeup

Waterproof summer makeup should be light and breathable. Not like super-glue that requires a scalpel to remove. You want to be comfortable and not have to think about your makeup.

Keep in mind that waterproof makeup is created with slightly different components than normal cosmetics to help it cling to the skin and not break down in water. It can be a little tougher on your skin. So you may want to save waterproof summer makeup for special occasions or if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. Your normal makeup should do fine on other days, but invest in some oil blotting cloths and powder to help keep you look fresh.

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