The Best Vintage Beauty Commercials


Would you believe that in 20+ years, television commercials for beauty products have stayed almost the same? The most common tactic for advertising beauty products has always been to get a worthy product, then find a trusted TV personality to endorse it. A famous celebrity endorsement will likely make the product way more attractive to consumers. These tried and true methods played a big part in creating the big famous brands we still know today.

Vintage Shampoo Commercials

Take note of these shampoo commercials. Do you think these shampoos would still be competitive in the market without a big celebrity or model endorsement? No matter how commendable a product is, without a celebrity endorser or a well scripted and clever commercial, these products would end up moving slowly in the display shelves of the supermarkets.

Although the television and video technology has changed, are these commercials really that different? We hope you like these vintage beauty commercials as much as we do!

Imagine having Brooke Shield as your product endorser, one of the movie goddesses of the 80’s. It’s no wonder Wella Balsam shampoo was one of the top selling brands during that period.

This was a really effective advertisement that Pert shampoo made in 1980. Everyone wants hair that finds that perfect zone between oily and dry, and that what this commercial offered viewers.


Jhirmack shampoo is still in major supermarkets today. Do you think that would have happened without this influential advertisement? This model’s magnificent hair speaks for itself.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo’s didn’t have famous celebrities or beautiful models, but they had cute kids! The famous and unforgettable punch line “no more tearspaved the way for the product’s recognition worldwide. It’s still sold today in almost the exact same format!


Maybe this Prell commercial but this would be a little too odd to do in the 21st century, but the basic approach to advertising is the same: advertise how much a handsome man would like your hair if you use their shampoo.



Colossal Final Net was one of the early brands that advertised the “do-it-yourself” hairstyling. Can you even imagine doing this 1960’s hairstyle today?

Head and Shoulders is one of the most famous shampoo today because of their formula against dandruff. This is one of the earliest commercials to use ‘scientific looking’ explanations of a product — and it worked well then as it does now. The only difference is that now the videos look way cooler.



Pantene revolutionized the shampoo and conditioner blended into one. This goes well to consumers with tight budget  relieving them of buying two products and some bathroom ceremonies.


Liberte was a handy hair curling device for ladies who are always on the go. It seems that people will never get tired of the old-west theme commercials.

As you can see, shampoo companies select their endorsers carefully. They not only pick  those with beautiful faces and  gorgeous figures but also with magnificent hair. Did you notice how healthy and beautiful the models’ hair was?  Have you ever wondered how these women maintain the health of their hair? You can give credit to their hair stylists more than their shampoo!  I wonder if they still wear those types of hairstyles today?


Vintage Cosmetics Advertisements

It”s so much fun watching commercials from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and comparing them from to the commercials of today with the same products. The same products still exist today and only the endorsers change.

Women chose beauty products that they know are trusted and good quality. To figure out which one is good for them, they often rely on information from television commercials and other mediums. Most of the time, branded products are someone’s first choice. But with so many competing products, cosmetic companies chose famous celebrity endorsers for product testimonies. One thing you will notice: the company with the biggest name stars endorsing their products ended up having the biggest share of sales.

Check out these old commercial films done 20 and 30 years ago. The endorsers here are famous movie actresses and commercial models in the 70’s and 80’s. The make up products they had endorsed are still on the market. These companies are still looking for celebrity endorsers so that their new products survive another 30 years!


One of reputable make up product in the market is Whipped Cream Makeup by Max Factor. Their makeups stayed still alive and kicking  for more than 40 years!


With good line of make up products, Cover Girl  are also well known in the 70’s.  They still have a huge market share in the beauty product industry. Did you notice how similar their commercials are today?


A moisturizing product, Oil Of Olay is another respected product, well known to most women. It promises for a younger looking skin and it must deliver because it’s still sold to this day.


Another product for smoother skin targeting wrinkles, this famous name, Estee Lauder, became a byword worldwide. This video is another great example of using a scientific and futuristic look for a commercial.


Revlon soft lash mascara for all ages. Although Revlon has lines of well-known beauty products, many of its top selling products is for younger age groups.


As you can imagine, having Lynda Carter, the original Wonderwoman and Miss World USA, promoting a Maybelline product was wonderful for their sales and profit. 


Women are always conscious when it comes to their faces. They want their faces smooth, clean, shiny, and acne and wrinkle-free. This is why they spend so much on make ups and other beauty products like facial soaps to maintain their face. Many go to beauty salons for skin care treatment or a professional hairstyling — especially for important events. Advertisers in the beauty industry know this very well. Even though the technology behind commercials has changed, the strategies in the commercials have always stayed the same.

What was your favorite commercial? Which ones do you think might still work today? Let us know in the comments!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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