Top 5 Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the many trends in hairstyling nowadays is braided hairstyles for long hair. The best thing about having long hair is that you can style it and have fun with it in many different ways. Braiding your hair is one of the most versatile ways of styling it. You can go from a casual day of hanging out with your friends to a formal dinner with the family at night with different braided hairstyles. The best thing about it is that it is very easy to do and will not require you to have the most technical hair styling skills in order to achieve it.

Top Five Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

There are a lot of braided hairstyles for long hair that you can try, however, you should choose a style that complements your facial features. For instance, people with round faces should go for a style that complements their round face.

Listed below are some of the top braided hairstyles for long hair.

Wavy Braids

If you want to achieve a casual look that screams out flirty fun, go for wavy braids. This is perfect for long hair because you can explore with more waves that will flatter the frame of your face better. This is perfect for those who have wavy hair but still want to look neat. You can start by creating a waterfall braid. Next, side part your hair then use the front to weave into a larger section. Pull a bun at the back then begin braiding from behind. To achieve an even wavier look you can also opt to tease your hair.

Basic Side Braid

This is probably the easiest hairstyle that you could go for especially if you are pressed for time. All you have to do is to just comb your hair to the front left side then place a thin hair band to make a simple ponytail. Next, divide your hair into three parts then braid the parts up to the end of the hair. Complete the look with a thin rubber band and you’re done. You will have a fun, fresh look that will easily take you from day to night.

Twisty Side Braid

This is another version of the side braid but with a little bit of a twist literally. Prepare some thin rubber bands first then start by combing your hair to the front then tying them in a ponytail on the side. Part your hair equally in the middle just right above the rubber band then pull the end through it. This will lead to a ring like style braid. Repeat the process until the end of your hair length. The next step is the most crucial step. You will need to carefully expand the ring in rounds to achieve the twisty look then set it using hair spray.

Milkmaid Braid

If you are attending a formal event but you do not want to look like you put too much effort in doing your hair, you can go for the Milkmaid braid. First you will need to separate your hair into two equal parts.

Braid the two parts separately then secure them with elastic bands. Carefully bring the two parts from the opposite ends together to form like a hair band on top of your head. Lastly, set the ends with some hair clips at the back to make sure they are secure.

Braided Chignon

This is another hairstyle that is perfect for those formal occasions where you want to look dainty and polished. To do this, first you have to leave out some hair on the front of your face which you will use later for some pretty face-framing layers. Next, separate your hair into two sections then tease each section at the crown to give it more volume. Make loose braids on the bottom half of both sections then twist the braid into a soft chignon at the nape of your neck. Make sure to tuck the ends underneath and secure them in place using hairpins.

Why you Should Explore Different Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Express your creativity with various hairstyles and change the way you look with every style. You will have fun experimenting because sticking with just one will make you look dull and boring. Be yourself, let loose and enjoy playing around with the different braided hairstyles for long hair. If you are a busy woman and don’t have time to do your own hair, you should go to a beauty school salon. These salons offer quality affordable services.

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