What Are Digital Salons, and Why Are They Sweeping the Hairdressing World?

 the value of digital salons

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The phrase “digital salon” may bring to mind a science fiction-style salon where you can go to get an avatar’s hair done without leaving your home, but in reality, digital salons are a thing here on Earth today. The phrase just refers to a salon that utilizes the internet to help with many of its elements, effectively automating certain traditionally manual elements of a salon. Here’s what you need to know about this interesting trend.

The Digital Elements a Salon Can Have

Salons can move many of their elements to a more digital, internet-heavy option. This allows them to divert manpower away from these options, which in turn allows them to focus more on their customers. These are five options a salon may be able to turn into digital options.

1. Booking Systems

One of the biggest changes a salon can make to turn toward a more digital structure is to move its booking system online. With this process, a customer will go to the salon’s website and book an appointment themselves through an appointment scheduling service. It’s one of the best ways to reduce the effort on both the staffing side and the customer side required for customers to book an appointment.

2. Calendars

Traditionally, many salons had physical calendars that would be marked up with different appointments. Many companies are no longer doing this, having already made the switch to digital calendars in one way or another. A salon may, for example, move all of their stylists to a shared Google Calendar or another cloud-based calendar, making it easier for them to see what’s on the calendar for a specific day.

3. Confirmations

When a salon allows a customer to make reservations more than a few days in advance, they also need to have a way for customers to confirm that reservation. Many customers simply forget about reservations they’ve made, and without confirmations, a salon may see many more no-show customers. Automated confirmations, often emailed or texted to a customer, allow a salon to remind customers about an appointment without requiring that a real person do it.

4. Social Media Accounts

Just by having a social media account, a salon can get the word out about its services much more effectively. Not only does it make it easier for salon stylists to show off their skills, but it also makes it simpler for new people to find a salon. In 2021, if a salon doesn’t have some form of social media, many people will think of it as a negative, making a social media account all but necessary.

5. Hair Consultations

It might seem crazy, but many people actually do hair consultations digitally. For example, a stylist may request close-up pictures of a client’s hair before the consultation, then get on a Zoom or other video call with the client to have the consultation. A digital hair consultation can be a great way to get an idea of how the eventual hairstyling appointment will work, or it might be a service a salon provides instead of an in-person visit.

How Can a Salon Move Into the Digital Age?

There are many tools a salon can use to move into the digital age, starting with a website. If a salon has a website, it’s easy for them to add appointment scheduling, social media account links, and reservation confirmations. If your salon is looking for a way to go digital, a great first stop is to have a website you actually keep up with.

It’s also important that you maintain some non-digital ways to contact your salon. Whether because the website is down, a tool isn’t working as planned, or a customer doesn’t have reliable access to the internet, remember that a completely digital experience isn’t accessible for some people, so non-digital options are a great thing to maintain.


Digital salons are great, and they’re only getting better. If your interest in digital salons is part of a larger interest in hair design as a whole, Evergreen Beauty College might be exactly what you’re looking for. The Cosmetology course at Evergreen Beauty College can help you learn enough to become part of a digital salon overhaul.

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