What Everyone Should Know About Advanced Esthetics Training

Advanced Esthetics TrainingThere are a few things to consider when you look into advanced esthetics training. Of course, you need to know the basics of esthetics in the beauty industry if you are a beginner in the field. Even pros need a refresher in the basics before going through more advanced areas of esthetics.

Basics in Esthetics

Those who go into esthetics typically deal with perfecting and sculpting the face and body. You work with clients on makeup, or perform skin treatment procedures with the latest technology.

Esthetics students learn to work in these areas:

• European spa facials
• Facial and body waxing
• Facial massage
• LED light therapy
• Makeup application
• Microdermabrasion
• Touch therapy techniques

These are the basics every esthetician should know before moving on to advanced topics.

Esthetics Courses

Every esthetician needs a solid base in health and skin care before becoming a licensed professional.

Before moving on to advanced training, you need to have a foundation in:

• Advanced spa treatments
• Anatomy
• Chemistry
• Client safety
• Infection control
• Microbiology
• Skin physiology

After that, you can move on to master esthetics courses that provide you with even more training in this field.

Advanced Facial Devices

One of the advantages of advanced esthetics training is learning more about the latest facial devices. You also learn the business aspect of spa treatments such as the purchasing process

You learn more about a number of devices and techniques, including:

• Dermaplaning
• Electrodesicantion devices
• IPL facial rejuvenation
• Laser and IPL hair removal
• Laser hair removal treatment
• Light-emitting diodes
• Machine-aided microdermabrasion
• Micro current technology
• Photodynamic therapy
• Skin needling
• Ultrasonic technology

Of course, you also learn more about skin analysis devices. You also need training in areas such asmanaging of complications, should they arise.

You may also learn more about skin care products and equipment like Clarisonic, LED light therapy and skin scopes. These are some of the more recent developments in spa and salon technology.

Laser, Light, Energy and Radio Frequency Therapy

The use of lasers, light, energy and radio frequency has become more commonplace in many beauty treatments. Advanced training tells you how to use this technology and teaches you the history and the physics behind it.

You also learn more about safety and safety government agencies. Techniques in this area include:

• Intense pulsed light
• Laser therapy
• Light-emitting diodes
• Low-level light therapy
• Radio frequency devices

Medical and Skin Sciences

You need to know how to work in a medical setting and how to work with advanced skin disorders. This is so that you treat clients effectively, safely and efficiently. For instance, you have to learn medical terminology, HIPPA policies, and medical intervention.

Skin sciences are also necessary because you need to know how to analyze skin types in order to treat them effectively. You need to know how to use skin care products, with regards to their chemistry. Aging analyses are also part of advanced training as well as working with skin in distress. You can also learn how to incorporate medium depth peels into your practice as well.

There are many ways advanced esthetics training can help you, whether you are new to the field or need to advance your career position.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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