What Your Beauty Clients Never Want to Hear You Say!


beauty salon servicesAs a cosmetologist or beautician, your clients are looking to you to help them make the decisions that will let them look and feel their best, no matter what occasion.

This takes a level of trust and communication with your clients that you should be careful to cultivate.  Some of your clients may be very familiar with beauty salon services, and others may need more advice and assistance in identifying the services that will unlock underutilized beauty potential.  No matter how familiar or unaware of beauty salon services each client is, there are certain things you should avoid saying to your customers at all costs.

  1. Sorry, I have to take this call/text.Clients make appointments in advance and expect to have your attention during their appointment. If you talk on the phone or text while working, it gives the impression that you don’t believe the client’s time is as valuable as your own.
  2. That style/cut wouldn’t look good on you. Clients often come in with a magazine model picture they particularly like.  If the style wouldn’t flatter the client, try suggesting a similar cut or style that would highlight the client’s good points.  Never tear down your client’s self-esteem, instead find ways to point out and enhance the features they do have.
  3. That’s how much this service always costs.Clients don’t like financial surprises. Never assume that your client knows how much a service costs, but also don’t sound like you suspect they can’t afford it.  Find out everything the client is interested in doing at the beginning of the appointment, and run through the costs with them as you plan the appointment. This lets them know what you’re going to do when, and how much it will cost before you’ve even started.  It also gives clients an opportunity to remove some of services or push them out to a different appointment. This can also help with time management for you and the client.
  4. I’m overbooked, so you’ll have to wait. If you are running behind or overbooked, call and offer your client a chance to reschedule before they show up.  No one wants to make a wasted trip if they are on a tight schedule. If you aren’t able to get a hold of the client before the appointment, let them know as soon as they show– along with approximately how long the wait will be.
  5. This is the style you asked for.If the client doesn’t like how they look, they are always right. Even if you did everything you could exactly like the client asked, stay calm, apologize, and offer to make it right.  Try to find out what exactly they don’t like, and think about how to fix it in a way that allows the client to leave happy.  A happy client is much more likely to come back.

For more tips and advice on beauty salon services, how to keep your clients satisfied, and how to get started as a cosmetologist visit us at by clicking here.

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