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Introducing: Student Success Stories

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We have always prided ourselves on our student highlights. We appreciate and admire what they do every day, and we want to continue to show them the love on our blog. That’s why we’re making a change. Where once you could win the “Digital Marketing Award”, you can now be honored with a “Student Success […]

Evergreen Beauty College Bringing the Art of Barbering Back!

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Evergreen is bringing the Barbering Program back with Style. If you’re a social, style-savvy individual who enjoys working with people, and you’re looking to start a rewarding career that suits your interest and personality, training as a Barber could be a great opportunity. Evergreen Beauty College will start one barbering class in 2018 at their […]

Slay The Runway

Check out this energetic display of Evergreen Beauty College’s Future Professionals and their creativity at the Slay the Runway fashion show! For the past 3 years, Evergreen has put on a Halloween themed fashion show. The first one was held at the Everett campus and has quickly evolved over the past few years. Now the […]

Washington State Hair Design Program

If you are looking to become a hair stylist in the next year or so, know that it is going to be headed in a different direction in 2016 for Washington state. Around the time of the new year, there will be two options for those looking to join the beauty industry: Cosmetology or Hair […]

How Barbering Students are Becoming Their Own Bosses

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Does the idea of becoming a barber appeal to you? Barbers use shears, scissors, razors and clippers to cut men’s and women’s hair. There are a number of advantages to entering this profession. One of the things we frequently hear from our students is that they’re excited to become their own bosses. Read more to […]

The Art of Undercut Hair Design: Think You Can Cut It?

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An undercut haircut is a bold personal statement. When someone is requesting this cut they are ready to be seen and want to feel all eyes on them. There is no room for error with a cut like this – because everyone will be looking at it. Consider Face Shape Face shape should always be […]

Are Barber Shops Profitable? 7 Facts You Should Know

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The first question any businessperson should ask when starting a new business is whether it has the potential to make a profit. Barber shops are some of the most successful startups in America. Well managed barber shops have many opportunities to make profit. The key to success is in the planning, there are seven important […]

3 Myths About Studying to Be a Barber

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If you want to become a barber, there are some things you need to understand beforehand. Several myths about the course continue to affect some people’s decision to cut hair for a living. This is more than a little unfortunate. Read on to learn more about these untruths, before you make a determination as to whether or not barber […]

4 Common Misconceptions About Beauty College

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If you’ve ever thought about enrolling in a beauty college, you’ve probably come across several misconceptions about each of these educational programs. Let’s face it, myths lurk everywhere! It’s just a fact of life. What follows are four of the most common misconceptions, floating around in cyberspace. Dispelling them is easy. Read on, to discover why. […]