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Cosmetology Student Success Story: Kaci Shoemaker

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  Our newest campus in Shoreline was excited to award their very first student; Ms. Kaci Shoemaker, this past month in an all school assembly for her social media outreach as she continues to build her clientele. About Kaci Shoemaker “I chose Cosmetology because I have always been passionate about hair and more recently passionate […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Nathan Barrientes

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  Our Everett campus awarded Mr. Nathan Barrientes this past month for work well done. If you have not had a chance to see Nathan in action as he braids or styles, then your absolutely missing out! Nathan is always busy with clients and perfecting his skills and it shows with the work he produces. […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Tara Brunner

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I’m excited to share the success of one of our future professionals, Ms. Tara Brunner from our Everett campus as she was awarded this past month for her successful habits in building her business. Congratulations Tara, it’s amazing seeing you in your element. About Tara Brunner “Choosing beauty school came about in a unusual way; […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Amanda Pierce

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At our Renton location, staff and student body congratulated a fellow student this past month as she was recognized in an all school assembly. Ms. Amanda Pierce has always been behind the scenes as she focused on others in her past endeavors, so we were excited to recognized her efforts as she stepped up her […]

Be Evergreen: Personality Traits of Evergreen Cosmetologists

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Evergreen Beauty College is home to all kinds of cosmetology students, each with their own personalities and styles. Every student has different passions, quirks, and dreams that they pursue. Despite their differences, the students all share common personality traits that exemplify what it means to Be Evergreen. Here are just a few of the qualities […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Adreana Najera

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I am excited to share a win for our Yakima campus by a leading student, Ms. Adreana Najera. Adreana was awarded this past month for reaching out and dedication to marketing her brand as she added Evergreen’s Digital Marketing Award to her portfolio. I was excited to get to know her, and am excited to […]

Cosmetology Student Succuess Story: Amber Hiatt

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Today I get to share our first future professional to be recognized for all her hard work building her business from our Yakima campus. Congratulations Ms. Amber Hiatt! About Amber Hiatt  “I chose to become a Cosmetologist for several reasons. I have always loved doing hair. I would style my friends hair for formal dances […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Elizabeth De Witt

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Ms. Elizabeth De Witt worked hard this past month in building her business and her name. Over social media, and by connecting with those that come into the Everett campus. Also known as Libby, Elizabeth has shown determination in setting goals and reaching them, and I can not wait to share Libby’s story! About Elizabeth […]

Introducing: Student Success Stories

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We have always prided ourselves on our student highlights. We appreciate and admire what they do every day, and we want to continue to show them the love on our blog. That’s why we’re making a change. Where once you could win the “Digital Marketing Award”, you can now be honored with a “Student Success […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Cynthia D’Vicente

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Starting her career off in the right direction, Ms. Cynthia D’Vicente is our student success story for our Renton campus this month!  December was a busy and fun month for her by the looks of her Instagram account and super exciting to see. I enjoyed seeing all her styles and blowouts as they came across her […]