How Well Do You Know Your Evergreen Family? Take Our Quiz!

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Our faculty & staff played two truths & a lie! Can you figure out which one is the lie? Take our quiz and select the response you think is a lie. Were you able to figure out the lies? We have the results and explanations for you below. Stephanie AKA “Bro Steph” – Phase 2 […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Jordan Williams

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I get to share the success of Ms. Jordan Williams this month from our Renton Campus. Ms. Jordan has branded herself on social media, setting her success up from the start of her career. It all starts here Jordan! Welcome to the beauty industry! About Jordan Williams Like many others, Ms. Jordan found herself searching […]

Master Esthetics Student Success Story: Taryn Newell

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I remember the first day Taryn Newell started at Evergreen Beauty College, she exudes and models maturity and wisdom to her fellow Master Esthetics department since that first day in orientation. Always leading by example and striving to make a difference where she could. I am beyond excited to share Ms. Taryn’s success story! About […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Alena Sitnitsa

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Ms. Alena Sitnitsa from our Bellevue campus has dabbled in many areas over the years so it comes to no surprise that she landed another accomplishment this past month by winning an award for her fierce digital marketing skills. About Alena Sitnitsa   “Before I enrolled in Beauty School I was a Software Engineer and […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Elizabeth De Witt

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Ms. Elizabeth De Witt worked hard this past month in building her business and her name. Over social media, and by connecting with those that come into the Everett campus. Also known as Libby, Elizabeth has shown determination in setting goals and reaching them, and I can not wait to share Libby’s story! About Elizabeth […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Briauna Mayfield

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I am super excited to share the success of a future professional Ms. Briauna Mayfield. Overcoming the odd’s and debilitating sickness Ms. Briauna has taken on the industry by storm. Leaving her mark on the clients and friends she’s made along the way so far since attending her Hair Design program at Evergreen Beauty College. […]

What’s in a Makeup Artistry Kit?

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Tool and supply kits are commonly issued to new beauty school students, but what tools are actually in them? Every course has its own unique kit, so cosmetology students will get different things from esthetics or makeup students. Not only that, kits can change from year to year or even semester to semester! Because the […]

Guide to Summer Spa Treatments

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Summer is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about how you should adjust your beauty routine in preparation! Summer is a great time to look and feel your best, but it’s important to pay attention to changing weather conditions to make sure your body stays beautiful and healthy! We’ll cover some of the […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Sarah Blair

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What makes you happy? Is it your job? I get to share the success of Ms. Sarah Blair and one thing that makes her happy. Sarah has been working her skills since she enrolled at our Renton campus, and I believe when you love doing what your doing that natural success follows suite. About Sarah  […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Johanna Stromberg

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I am super excited to share the success of this student, Ms. Johanna Stromberg. Over the past months I have personally witnessed the interaction she has with her clients, the staff, and her peers. Not only is Johanna a great individual and studious future professional, but she gets the hard work and dedication it takes […]