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Cosmetology Student Success Story: Brianna Bass

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Our Yakima campus was excited to award one of their cosmetology students this past month during an all school assembly for building her business. Ms. Brianna Bass is making steps in building her brand and connecting with her future clients and I can’t wait to share her story with you. About Brianna Bass “The main reason […]

Booth Renting Ilegal? Public Hearing Scheduled!

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Last week, Senate Bill 5326 was introduce. If passed, it would make booth renting illegal for Cosmetologist and Hair Designers, while excluding licensed barbers. If you would like to get a summary of the bill, here is the (link). Many of you asked me to inform you when the Public Hearing is scheduled. As of […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Beverleigh Peterson

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Our Yakima location is excited to award one of their future professionals, Ms. Beverleigh Peterson,  in the cosmetology program for making some successful foot prints so far as she begins her journey in the industry. Learning the tips and tricks of the beauty business and how to connect with her current and future clientele has […]

Be Evergreen: Personality Traits of Evergreen Cosmetologists

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Evergreen Beauty College is home to all kinds of cosmetology students, each with their own personalities and styles. Every student has different passions, quirks, and dreams that they pursue. Despite their differences, the students all share common personality traits that exemplify what it means to Be Evergreen. Here are just a few of the qualities […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Adreana Najera

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I am excited to share a win for our Yakima campus by a leading student, Ms. Adreana Najera. Adreana was awarded this past month for reaching out and dedication to marketing her brand as she added Evergreen’s Digital Marketing Award to her portfolio. I was excited to get to know her, and am excited to […]

10 Cosmetology Memes That Made Us LOL

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a meme is worth a thousand laughs. Yes, we went there. Sometimes a meme is a perfect way to say exactly how we are all feeling. We have collected ten of our favorite cosmetology memes that made us laugh out loud. We think you […]

Guide to Summer Spa Treatments

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Summer is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about how you should adjust your beauty routine in preparation! Summer is a great time to look and feel your best, but it’s important to pay attention to changing weather conditions to make sure your body stays beautiful and healthy! We’ll cover some of the […]

Beauty School Skills Can Be Used Professionally and Personally

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Watch this 4 min video by Michelle Enberg – cosmetology students at Evergreen Beauty College as she shares the most important skill she learned in beauty school was building relationships. Her outgoing personality and willingness to help others has really helped her shine while at our school. It was amazing to see her transform into […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Maritza Meza

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When you decide you want to join the beauty industry, so often we assume it will be our technical skills that, not only land us a job, but will be the deciding factor that takes you far into this career. Which is actually only half of  it! While still in beauty school, Renton’s September DMA winner, Maritza Meza, […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Jake Topinio

Everyone, please meet Jake Topinio, Renton’s Digital Marketing Award winner for the month of August! Jake started his journey after moving to Washington from Hawaii, where he was already making a name for himself in the barbering community. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to, not only leave home, but to pair that […]