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10 Cosmetology Memes That Made Us LOL

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a meme is worth a thousand laughs. Yes, we went there. Sometimes a meme is a perfect way to say exactly how we are all feeling. We have collected ten of our favorite cosmetology memes that made us laugh out loud. We think you […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Sarah Blair

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What makes you happy? Is it your job? I get to share the success of Ms. Sarah Blair and one thing that makes her happy. Sarah has been working her skills since she enrolled at our Renton campus, and I believe when you love doing what your doing that natural success follows suite. About Sarah  […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Johanna Stromberg

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I am super excited to share the success of this student, Ms. Johanna Stromberg. Over the past months I have personally witnessed the interaction she has with her clients, the staff, and her peers. Not only is Johanna a great individual and studious future professional, but she gets the hard work and dedication it takes […]

Hair Design Student Success Story: Rachael Otiegbe

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One of the cool things about the lady I get to write about in this blog post is her dedication to the information she shares. I can tell you from all of Ms. Rachael Otiegbe’s social media post is this: the positivity she shares is motivational, and that Rachael is all about sharing actual facts […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Nichole Messana

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As I travel the social media platforms, I sometimes come across posts that can keep me scrolling through content. Have you ever had that happen? Where you loose track of what you were originally doing, just to find out or see more of what ‘stopped’ you in the first place. I recently got to put […]

Cometology Student Success Story: Seanna Wisneski

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With a second chance at a better life for this young lady, Ms. Seanna took it and ran with it. Not everyone has the courage to stop in their tracks and give up all that they have for the chance for a different life, but Seanna did and look at her now! About Seanna  “I […]

Cosmetology Student Success story: Morgan Conner

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Congratulations to Ms. Morgan Conner; a.k.a. Mo, for taking home the student success story for our Bellevue location! Although Morgan hasn’t been in school long, she has shown how much she is driven right from the start. Ms. Morgan has taken to social media and sharing all the amazing things she is learning in beauty […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Tegan Snyder

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It isn’t every day I get to write about the success of a veteran. From strict regulation to creative beauty, what a career change! Ms. Tegan Synder has grown so much within the field of beauty, and it has been exciting to witness. I love walking through the campus and seeing Tegan hard at work; […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Cynthia D’Vicente

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Starting her career off in the right direction, Ms. Cynthia D’Vicente is our student success story for our Renton campus this month!  December was a busy and fun month for her by the looks of her Instagram account and super exciting to see. I enjoyed seeing all her styles and blowouts as they came across her […]

Esthetics Student Success Story: Blair Bercich

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Have you ever met an individual that has a contagious personality? Where positivity exudes all that they do or say? Where you want to share and trust, knowing that the individual on the other end truly wants to listen and help? That is how I felt when I first met Blair. This industry is made […]