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What’s in a Makeup Artistry Kit?

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Tool and supply kits are commonly issued to new beauty school students, but what tools are actually in them? Every course has its own unique kit, so cosmetology students will get different things from esthetics or makeup students. Not only that, kits can change from year to year or even semester to semester! Because the […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Nichole Messana

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As I travel the social media platforms, I sometimes come across posts that can keep me scrolling through content. Have you ever had that happen? Where you loose track of what you were originally doing, just to find out or see more of what ‘stopped’ you in the first place. I recently got to put […]

Fears During Beauty School – How I overcame them and so can you

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Watch the above 3 min video as Andrea Davila (Cosmetology Student) shares how she overcomes the most common fears in beauty school. We hope her story can help others prepare and preserve through beauty school. In the time that Andrea was in our school, she had always been a positive and enthusiastic member of our […]

Esthetics Student Success Story: Maya Arhu

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Maya is set to graduate within the next few weeks so we are so excited to feature her story here before she is done at Evergreen. Take a look at what Maya has accomplished during her time at Evergreen and what her advice is for any incoming students! About Maya Maya, like many who get […]

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Courtni Easton

Sometimes in life, people grow up knowing that they want to become a cop when they grow up, or maybe a chef, or a writer. For the winner of the Digital Marketing Award, Courtni Easton, at our Renton Campus for the month of July, she always knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She […]

What Your Sign Says About Your Makeup

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Hey, Aquarius, what does your sign say about your makeup? Is it soft and sweet or modern and slick? Take our quiz and you can find out! Did you know? Evergreen Beauty College offers Makeup Courses featuring Make-Up Designory. Contact us today to find out how you can get started in one of our 2 […]

Mark Your Calendars: Military Event is Coming Soon!

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After a hugely successful first-time event last year, Evergreen Beauty College is excited to announce the return of the Beauty Salutes You military event! At Evergreen, we understand the importance of not only giving back to the community but specifically honoring and giving thanks to our military and everything they do day in and day […]

Where Do Makeup Artists Work?

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Makeup artists can work in a variety of settings. Depending on the artist, they might create editorial styles, natural styles, bridal styles, or avant garde looks. Did you know that they can work on runways, behind the scenes at movies, and side by side with celebrities? Read more about these amazing jobs and the famous […]

How to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist in Washington

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It’s no secret that makeup artistry is booming. Wherever you look on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, there is someone slaying the game. Are you interested in learning this art? Ask yourself these questions: Do you own massive amounts of cosmetics? Do you stay up late at night, watching YouTube video after video trying to perfect […]

Digital Marketing Award: Justin Kapitula

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We are so excited to share with you February’s Digital Marketing Award winner for the Bellevue campus, Justin Kapitula! Justin, like many of us, struggled with not knowing what he wanted to do with his life — sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out what it is you want to do! For Justin it took […]