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Anyone Can Be a Great Sales Person For The Right Reasons

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Watch the above 4 min video as Brandi Atwell a master esthetician shares her story that it is ever to late to be successful. Brandi shares how she has come from a life of drug addition to being a successful esthetician with the strongest sales in her department. Brandi’s ambition to market herself and truly […]

Military Mom Finding Confidence to be a Skincare Business Owner

Watch the above 3 min video as Tiffany Ridley (Master Esthetician Student) shares the secrets she discovered in beauty school that has allowed her the confidence in pursuing the dream of being a business owner. During the time that Tiffany has been in our school, she has always been a true leader in the Master […]

Esthetics Student Success Story: Jenn Becker

Not everyone discovers their passions early in life. Sometimes it takes people a little longer in life to figure out what exactly will make them the happiest. Some people need to go through a couple different jobs or careers before they decide, “No. I want to do something different with my life that will make […]

Esthetics Student Success Story: Cora Speidel

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So many people that have a love for the make-up industry, have a love for skin care as well. Make-up and skin care go hand-in-hand because, after all, our skin is the canvas for make-up. That was definitely the case with Cora Speidel, our Bellevue Campus Digital Marketing Award Winner for the month of April. […]

Digital Marketing Award: Kali Harkins-Hunt

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Congratulations to one of our March Digital Marketing Award winners, Renton Master Esthetics student, Kali Harkins! Kali is set to graduate at the beginning of August 2017 and her reasons for getting into the beauty industry and what she was doing before are very intriguing. If you are interested in learning more about her experience […]

It’s never too late to Embrace Change into the Beauty Industry

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Watch this 4-minute video from Catherine “Katie” Lansing, Evergreen Beauty College Master Esthetician’s International Business Student of the Year Nominee share how it is never too late despite the road blocks that get in the way to pursue a career that will change your life. Catherine is a 2nd generation beautician. Catherine attended our Bellevue […]

American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ 2015 Board Director of the Year

We are lucky to have a national presence right here in the greater Seattle area to have a board of director. The Executive Director of AACS Jim Cox recognizes a board member each year for going above and beyond their commitment to the industry and as you can see in the video above, the 2015 […]

Free Back to School Haircuts & more!

ITS BACK! Evergreen Beauty College’s 5th Annual “Bringing Beauty Back to School” Event A fun event at Evergreen Beauty College’s Renton and Everett campuses for parents AND kids from 1:00pm-4:30pm! Kids will go back to school in style with a FREE back to school haircut. Parents, you’ll enjoy a bit of pampering with FREE mini-facials […]

Retailing: How to Overcome Your Fears

Watch this 4 min video from Alyssa Scott (International Business Student of the Year nominee) as she shares in a very creative and funny info commercial way of overcoming our fears when we are trying to help our guest. In the time that Alyssa was attending Evergreen Beauty College, she has always been a true […]

An Esthetician Story: How to Make a Wish Become a Reality

Watch the above 5 min. video of Jessica Larson (International Business Student of the Year nominee) sharing her inspirational story. During her time at Evergreen Beauty College, she was modeled true customer service to her guests and her teammates. She had an exceptional ability to connect with her guest. Her educator, Beth Shoemaker shared, “Jessica was […]