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Nail Technology Student Success Story: Megan Pressley

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Megan overcame some rather difficult obstacles in order to finally pursue her dream and to do something for herself. After doing admissions for almost 6 years now, it can be very saddening seeing people limit themselves and their abilities because they are afraid of taking a risk. Going back to school isn’t always an easy […]

Digital Marketing Award: Tamara Adams

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I am so excited to introduce you to Everett’s September Digital Marketing Award winner, Tamara Adams in the Nail Technology program. I will admit I do not know as much about the Nail Technology program as the other programs Evergreen offers, however, it is one of the programs I, as a staff member, am most impressed […]

American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ 2015 Board Director of the Year

We are lucky to have a national presence right here in the greater Seattle area to have a board of director. The Executive Director of AACS Jim Cox recognizes a board member each year for going above and beyond their commitment to the industry and as you can see in the video above, the 2015 […]

Why Nail Technicians Can Work Anywhere

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Does the phrase “nail art” inspire you to crack open a bottle of lacquer and paint dazzling designs on your (or someone else’s) fingers and toes? A career as a nail technician is the right choice for you. You might be thinking, “Yes, I’d love to paint nails professionally. But, where would I work?” The […]

Free Back to School Haircuts & more!

ITS BACK! Evergreen Beauty College’s 5th Annual “Bringing Beauty Back to School” Event A fun event at Evergreen Beauty College’s Renton and Everett campuses for parents AND kids from 1:00pm-4:30pm! Kids will go back to school in style with a FREE back to school haircut. Parents, you’ll enjoy a bit of pampering with FREE mini-facials […]

This is What Life is Like For Our Nail Students

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Have you ever wanted to paint nails professionally? If you’re anything like the students currently enrolled in Evergreen Beauty College, nails are your life. You love coming up with inspiration for nail art, you’re constantly scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest for new manicure ideas and you’re always up to date on the latest products. Does […]

Why a “People Person” Makes a Great Nail Technician

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Many careers do not require you to be a “people person” — though it is always helpful! However, for more interesting and fulfilling careers like service, nursing, and work as a nail technician, it is important to enjoy working with people. Since these careers all require direct one-to-one contact with the client, enjoying the company of […]

Do Friends Love Getting A Manicure From You? Turn Your Skills into a Career

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There is a growing need for manicurists around the world – these days, everyone wants to maintain a perfectly polished look throughout every season. If your dream job includes flexible hours, creative expression and socializing – becoming a professional nail technician may be just the job for you. If your friends are always asking you […]

4 Things We Love About Studying to be a Nail Tech

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If you have more nail polish and related paraphernalia than you know what to do with, you’re definitely an excellent nail tech candidate. There are several reasons to consider this occupation. If you’re currently out of work or have a dead-end job, read on to discover these reasons. You’ll be glad you did. The Freedom […]

How to Put Your Nail Obsession on the Fast Track to Nail School

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If you don’t have room for one more bottle of nail polish or other  manicure-related products, chances are you’re the ideal candidate for nail school. Have you ever considered it? Honestly, there really is no better way to put your nail obsession to good use than to make a living out of doing them for […]