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Slay The Runway

Check out this energetic display of Evergreen Beauty College’s Future Professionals and their creativity at the Slay the Runway fashion show! For the past 3 years, Evergreen has put on a Halloween themed fashion show. The first one was held at the Everett campus and has quickly evolved over the past few years. Now the […]

Digital Marketing Award: Danielle Reynolds

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Evergreen Beauty College is pleased to recognize this month’s Digital Marketing Award recipient: Danielle Reynolds! Danielle is one of our talented cosmetology students. This award highlights a student who is excelling in their online self-promotion efforts. This type of marketing is extremely important in today’s online world. About Danielle “I was working full time in […]

New Testing Vendor in Washington State … What now?

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  As the Vice President of Business Development and Industry Relations, I felt it is important to pass along the information for those who could not make it to the state test overview meeting last weekend.  This meeting was hosted by the new testing vendor who will administer the written and practical for beauty school […]

Digital Marketing Award: Daria Ward

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Evergreen Beauty College is pleased to recognize this month’s Digital Marketing Award. The student receiving this award is Daria Ward! The digital marketing award is presented to a student who we believe has really put themselves out there on social media. While all of our students are impressive, Daria has caught our attention! About Daria […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016: Quiz!

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We know that the struggle of finding a Halloween costume is real, but our quiz will help make that decision a little easier this fall!

Digital Marketing Award: Evelyn Sargent

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Social media is an important part of networking and marketing for beauty professionals. That’s why Evergreen Beauty College likes to recognize students who are doing social media right. This Digital Marketing Award goes to Evelyn Sargent! Congrats, Evelyn! You have been a great example for people who are looking to amp up their social media […]

Digital Marketing Award: Katie Hunter

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The Digital Marketing award from Evergreen Beauty College recognizes students of ours that we think represent themselves and their work with style and class on social media. While all of our students are top-notch (we think, anyway) this month, we want to recognize a student who really captured our attention online: Katie Hunter! Congrats, Katie! […]

Digital Marketing Award: Roslynn Street

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We think Evergreen students are the best around! That may be us being a little bias, but can you blame us? Our students are completely outstanding! This month we wanted to feature a student who we think really exemplifies everything we love about Evergreen Beauty College. This month’s Digital Marketing Award goes to Roslynn Street! […]

Digital Marketing Award: Brianna Gutierrez

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Evergreen Beauty College is proud of all of our students hard work. And we love when they show it off on social media! We think social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook promote our students creativity by allowing them to express themselves online. This month, we’d like to recognize our cosmetology student, Brianna Gutierrez! […]

Digital Marketing Award: Amahalea Thongoulay

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Some people just have a natural knack for beauty. At Evergreen Beauty College, we believe every student has the ability to unlock their natural potential. This month, one hard working cosmetology student went above and beyond the call of beauty. She has demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively with clients, and she has showcased that […]