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Esthetics Student Success Story: Jenn Becker

Not everyone discovers their passions early in life. Sometimes it takes people a little longer in life to figure out what exactly will make them the happiest. Some people need to go through a couple different jobs or careers before they decide, “No.

7 Things You Need to Know to Stop Wrinkles….at Any Age!

Mother’s Day has passed, but that doesn’t mean we as mothers, daughters, grandmothers should stop taking care of our skin just because you were treated to a glorious, and much deserved, facial for your special day!
Here are 7 different ways you can help your skin look it’s best and wrinkle-free at any age:


Skin Care With European Spa Facials

Facials are essentially a series of treatments designed to improve the composition, feel and look of facial skin.  There are a number of different facials, frequently geared towards reducing fine lines or getting rid of acne.  European spa facials are basic treatments meant to generally enhance your appearance.

A European facial is frequently considered a

Mother-Daughter Spa Giveaway |Their Story|

When Evergreen posted a Mother-Daughter Spa Giveaway, we asked people to tell us why YOU should win, and it turned out that that was actually the opposite of what everyone was posting. Rather than commenting on why they should win, people were posting on why someone ELSE was deserving.