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Extend Your Income With Lashes

Eyelash Extensions have revolutionized the world of eyelashes

You are finding more and more salons and spas who can offer eyelash extension exclusively as the only service they provide and can make a living.Individual Lash Extension

With Evergreen graduates working in high end salons such as Swink Style Bar and Trieva’s Spa & Boutique to graduates opening groups of lash extension parlors such as The Lash & Wax Boutique to Karlene Winchester Evergreen Esthetics Graduate who was named Nova Lash Artist of the Year in 2014 – It is time Evergreen provide Permanent Eye Lash Training to the open public.

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What are Lash Extensions?

Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. So no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular. Individual eyelash extensions are not forever, just the life the eyelash until it falls out. That’s why there is a business for it. ABC News raved as “The Next Big Thing in Beauty” is the secret to longer, fuller and more beautiful lashes! They are semi-permanent, customized lashes that last 7 – 9 weeks!

The three most common types of lash extensions are:

  1. Synthetic
  2. Silk
  3. Mink

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Eyelash Extensions
  • Safety & Sanitization Procedures
  • Products to Use For Application
  • After Care and Product Knowledge
  • Removal Process
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lash Bonding & Effective Bonding Tips
  • Lash Solution
  • Lash Selection
  • Thorough Application Process
  • Preparing the Client

JB Eyelash Extensions

We Partnered With JB Lashes! Why?

First… JB Lashes was the first exporter of eyelash extensions. Their products were designed, developed and manufactured by the beauty industries most knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.

Best…Quality is what made JB Lashes the #1 Lash extension company on a global basis.

Different… Experience. Who says you have to sacrifice quality over price? At JB Lashes, they are able to supply expert products at some of the industry’s lowest prices because we are factory direct. All products are made right here in the USA by JB Cosmetics. We want our graduates to maximize the success of your business by increasing your margins as well as offer a high quality education at a fair price.

Lastly… Many of our graduates use JB Lashes in the top lash salons in the greater Seattle area. Top brands like Swink Style Bar & Trieva’s Spa & Boutique use the same line. Why not train on the same lines you will see in the industry and put you one step ahead of the competition when finding a job and one less thing your employer has to train you on.


You must have a current esthetics or cosmetology license or currently enrolled in a cosmetology or esthetics program. If you are currently enrolled at a school, you may take this course while enrolled in school, but you will not get your certificate for permanent eyelash extensions until you have received your license.

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