Renton Services

Get a high-end beauty salon experience at a reasonable price!

About Our Renton Salon & Spa

The Evergreen Beauty College student salon and spa in Renton, WA is gorgeous and full of life! Our students are sharp, excited individuals with a passion for helping people look beautiful. Our Renton salon is unique because it is located in an culturally diverse area, which means our students are practiced at helping people of all backgrounds! No matter who you are, our students are prepared to provide services personalized for you. The students are trained to perform our full range of salon services, so no matter what you need, we have you covered!

Our Renton salon is perfect for anyone wanting a relaxing, vibrant environment with services performed by talented students. Schedule a visit for us and experience Evergreen Beauty College for yourself! Fill out the appointment form on this page or call in at (425)-243-3272 to schedule your visit with us today!

*All services are performed under the supervision of a licensed professional. Last appointment times may vary depending on service. Services will take longer than professionals because they are students that are still developing their skills and need to consult each step with their educator.

Salon Hours

Mon – Sat ~ 10:30am – 6:30pm

Spa Hours

Mon, Tues, Sat ~ 10:30am – 6:30pm

Wed, Thurs, Fri ~ 10:30am – 8:30pm

The Evergreen Experience

We want to share with you what are some areas that you can expect during your service:

Students:  You will be serviced by a student.  At Evergreen, we refer to them as a ‘future professional’ as they are preparing for their new career as a licensed service provider. Because the future professionals are learning, services may take a little more time than at a traditional salon or spa.   They truly appreciate you because you are preparing them for the industry.

Educators:  We have an educational team of licensed professionals that are here to support our future professionals.  You will meet them at the beginning of the service, at least once during your service, and at the end of your service as they coach the future professional.   If there is anything you may need, please let them know, or ask your future professional to get their educator.

Guest Services:  Our guest service team support the operations of our student salon and spa.  They have three types of customers; the future professionals, the educational team, and you!  They will assist in setting up your next appointment, make confirmation calls and inform you about your specials.

At the end of the service, our Guest Service Team will be asking you for feedback on your service;  please be honest and don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings if there were things that didn’t meet your expectations.  This is a learning institution and this feedback, good or bad, is a crucial part of our future professional’s education and can foster their future success.   If it was a great experience, our future professionals would truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with others.

Thank you again for your support of ours future professionals and their future careers!