Words cannot express how excited I am that Evergreen is opening up in Bellingham. I have been waiting for them to open up a beauty school up North for years! I graduated from this school back in 2010 and after 8 years I have continued to stay in contact with them. I can honestly say they have changed my life and shaped me to be the professional I am today. The owners (the Trieu family) are such an amazing family and have set such a wonderful culture to come into and learn. The educators aren’t just there to teach but to build a relationship and help you exceed in all areas of your life. You literally become part of a family. As a former salon manager in Skagit County of 4 years it has been extremely hard to recruit with the lack of beauty schools in the area. I have never been disappointed with an Evergreen graduate. I think one of the best things they offer is their Nuts and Bolts business program. It teaches you the business aspect of the field and how to successfully build and maintain a clientele along with the retail and marketing aspect. When hiring, these are the things we look for. This will help prepare the future professionals for life out of beauty school and sets them apart from others. I am thrilled to see the impact and the graduates we will have in the Whatcom & Skagit County area!

I will forever be grateful for the Trieu family, the Evergreen staff and the impact they’ve had on my life.

- Jen D.