I am a recent graduate from Evergreen Beauty College, and looking back at my school experience, I am very thankful I chose to study cosmetology through Evergreen. Having interacted with many professionals in this industry, I know I have received an excellent education. For me, this was the most important aspect in choosing a school. I was so impressed in fact, I was willing to make the 163 mile journey from Lynden to Everett. This was a sacrifice I was willing to make because it is an investment in your future. The education you receive is the foundation for which you build everything else upon, and I can confidently say I have a solid foundation.

More than just a superior education, Evergreen also has one of the most impressive school staffs I have ever interacted with. As cliche as it sounds, Evergreen is so much more than just a school, they really are a family; and when you join this school, you join their family. My experience would not be what it was if it was not for my incredible educators. Each educator is very supportive, they push you and truly care about you as a person.

However none of this would be possible if it were not for Evergeen’s founders: the Treu family. They are truly an inspiration. Moving to America from Vietnam during a time of unrest, they came here with nothing. However through hard work, sacrifice and God’s grace they have been very successful. What an incredible testimony, but not only that, what better gift can you give your students then the gift of inspiration?  Evergreen has encouraged me, fostered my dreams and reinforced the importance of work hard. I personally have been very impacted by the Treu family and their story.

I am very happy I went to Evergreen Beauty College, and I highly encourage anyone  looking into the beauty industry to get in contact with Evergreen, take a tour and come to school here!!! You will not regret it!!!!

- Johanna S.